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    Originally Posted by Shadow XD001
    "Origin" Hello, I would like to join. Platinum is one of favorite Pokemon games and is very fun. Giratina is very cool and I like how it is the 'main legendary'. So, may I please join this Platinum Club?

    Originally Posted by Torpoleon
    He did not do a one liner. His post went past one line. Anyways, I think what you'll reveal is .....hmm. Well, I have absoultely no clue but I know it will invlove Platinum of course.
    I don't know about you, but on my moniter, those take up more than on line apiece.
    They also contain multiple sentences.
    Why would you agree with them?

    A One-Liner is a post that is only ONE LINE. Otherwise it wouldn't be called a ONE-LINER.
    Are you excited about Heart Gold and Soul Silver?

    (Note: By the time you read this I'll have told you about it)
    Trust me. Get used to it. I know of several people who live to annoy others. And I know tons of people on here who don't know what manners are.
    1.) I. Know. That. Kolton.
    2.) I. Was. Unable. To. Obtain. Said. Pokémon.
    3.) Just. Passing. On. Some. Knowledge. Alt+130=é. That. Is. Used. In. Pokémon.

    Have. I. Annoyed. You. Yet?
    Kolton. I am hoping to obtain something you may like. I won't tell you what until I obtain it.
    1.) Massive Multiplayer Online.
    2.) Get Image codes for THREE of the eggs(As you can only have three outside images here) and paste them in your sig.
    What do you mean "What does it mean" and to subscribe to a thread you simply go to the top of the first post and click the option that says subscribe.
    I'll trade a feebas for the shiny kricectune - PM me if you want to trade...
    3222 6165 5568
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