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  • XDDD lol I don't think I've ever ridden a ride twice in a row...I think I know ONE of the reasons (with the exception of me being wow'd) which is...I wouldn't want to stand in line again Xd
    OMG THAT'S AWESOME!!! :3 Do they have a set with N and Reshiram too? =D
    XDDD Oh yeah same here. I'll say I love the ride, and I DO it's just I don't think I could go through it twice XDD LOL yeah...@_@ dizzy rides are..um dizzy XDD
    XDDD I see lol...I ride a lot of big rides...but I'm scared half to death in line ^^; but my friends won't let me chicken out. LOL probably! Thrill helps :D
    Hmm...I live in Florida so I can go there often (actually I've lived here for 4 years and I've only been there once XDD but more when I was younger) ^^; the thing is there's a lot of simulators and I prefer more roller coasterish rides. XDDD Yeah....I know how that is o.o drops are scary....*shiver* I'm not afraid of heights...it's the going down part...
    Well I knew what retail was XDDD but I meant as in something I didn't want to do ^^; Yeah I can imagine...:<

    XDDDD WELL THAT WORKS!!!! :D That sounds fun! ^^ I like Universal Studios...but yeah I know, it takes a lot out of you XD
    That's not too bad though :3 I'd like dealing with animals >.> I dunno about retail though that sounds awfully boring DX ^^; weeelll the fish have to eat too XD
    XDD I can imagine. I never drink much Coke ^^; I generally just drink water XDD =o Where do you work (I mean as in what do you do)?

    ^^; just hang in there, you'll be fine :D (i hope...)
    I would be very much interested in buying some Pokemon volumes if that's okay! :D I'm looking for 22-26 if that would be reasonable
    XDD That was good!! Actually all of my files were lost ^^; since I got a NEW computer. Most of my stuff though were just pointless stuff at least that I could always find again XD
    Oh wow....that's a while D= I hope everything will be fine!! I remember one time (not coz of a virus though) I had to get a whole new computer! TT_TT many things I had were lost :(
    That works! Yeah yesterday my laptop got a virus >.> but it's fixed now though! :D and with no lost data!~

    XDD That's true...but...Who wants to take a few hundred steps without a Poke Walker?!? D=
    XDDD That's true. But STILL just put it somewhere where people can't fly. That's bad business ;)

    D: I wonder why? I hope you can get on later...! (lol and I still didn't even try ^^;)
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