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  • Hi Kawaii.

    Today Fuzzball is no longer with me, but its okay he moved on to a better place like Star Clan ( if you read the warriors series )
    I still feel bad but Im better and wish you a good day today.
    * Before Wolfie falls fully asleep, he grabs espeon in a hug then curls back up into a ball next to their dragon friend *
    Anyways I gotta go to a doctors apointment tomorrow and say " Eh * crunches on carrot * Whats up Doc? "
    Good night Kawaii =^.^=
    Well you know.
    My mom plans on moving to Hawaii so I told them that I was going to be tan everywhere exept where I have coconuts it was a joke but know UGGHH I wish I didn't say it.

    Also my litte bro Connor lost a tooth today.... In the same spot he lost teeth before about two times already, we have now nicknamed him sharky because he goes through teeth like a shark.

    I would be a wolf because I have wolf fangs, Connor(Minun) would be a Shark, and Robert( Plusle) would be something because we don't know yet other than being like stich cute angelic face and body devilish mind and actions.
    He doesn't need to change his avatar, I'm just messing with you and him.

    ( But my little bros WON'T stop talking about me covering "my boobs" with coconuts though, so I just tell them that I'll just go without coconuts in Hawaii )
    I know.
    I'm just going to say to him that he can take his " boobs " and shove them in his own mouth and shut up.
    Not to be mean though but I'm getting sick of it being the only thing I see him use during his posts in the games.
    Hey uh I can trade now...
    I only have three at the moment but will get more, sorry though busy and all.
    I'll try to talk on here while trading ok?
    Hi, can you please edit your Training Centre post to include the Pokedex entry for Eevee from Serebii to confirm that it can learn TM Swift? Thanks!
    Sorry I didn't trade with you today, I'm still GTSing some pkmn for you, tomorrow ill have som.
    I resent my RP answer so monday I'll be able to RP in Fizzy-topia ( YAY! )

    * Wolfie wishes Espeon a good night an trots off to bed *
    *Dialga informs Espeon that ever since ORAS were first announced in May 2014, he has been brainstorming ideas for Diamond and Pearl remakes almost obsessively. Over time, he has compiled his ideas into a wishlist. Lately, he has been showing his wishlist to the new friends that he made on Serebii. Dialga can show his list to Espeon if she so desires.*
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