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  • That would be the tough part. There aren't many active members to survey. I'd say 10 members is an appropriate amount to survey. This number may possibly be too low, however. Normal Family Feud surveys 100 people, so 10 of 100 is only 10%, therefore instead of 200 points to achieve fast money, it would be 20 points (10% of 200).
    Doesn't necessarily need two threads. The survey part of it could be considered "registration" (so to speak). Once said survey portion is complete, you'd make modifications to the thread to commence the actual game.
    Try going to your settings, then permission groups and click to add yourself to the Fizzy Bubbles group. Otherwise, you should be able to post
    *Espeon's hug and compliment make Dialga feel very good inside.* <3

    *Dialga thanks Espeon with a smile. He recalls what Espeon said about how she likes making people feel good and tells her that she does that very well.* :)
    I'm not against the idea myself personally, but I am pretty sure by just the way you're describing it, that the thread would become too much of a spam-fest (even with specific thread rules set in place) for the game/RPG to be approved. You could always attempt.
    Anyway, the Games section would probably be your best bet posting something of that nature.
    *Dialga is doing okay. He has tests next week.

    Dialga is very happy for Espeon and congratulates her by sharing some Poképuffs.*
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