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  • Not bad, just kicking back after another long day. Yourself?
    BTW, this is a bit late, but thanks for accepting. :D
    *After the cute Espeon climbs onto his back, a warm and fuzzy feeling fills Dialga's heart as he lies down and drifts off to sleep with a smile.*
    It's all good, my dude, I'm just playing catch-up with everything.

    Being a Judge entails making good judgement and giving attacks points, also making snarky comments. I can do it, and with constant attempts I'll catch up. I just have to balance.
    You would ask me to become a talliest. I run this shindig now. (And it's alright, I had to take another little break because of Stress and Overwhelmment. I'll be back at it soon, love.)
    If you are recieiving this, it is because you nominated someone in season 8 of Pokemon Big Brother. Where would you like to see the series go? I have the story planned out to the end of Story 3. Should there be a hiatus after Story 2, Story 3 or should we continue but just not do any story and have the seasons after have no story?

    I would personally prefer going until Story 3 and then dropping the story for while, maybe forever. I am just doing to gather the thoughts of all who would like to give me there opinion. I can not improve PBB if you do not answer. It doesn't have to be a long answer, just an answer.
    Hahah I'm glad! Yeah you too! I usually only like Shinies but legends in general are fun to collect, and I get weird wants every once in awhile haha. Definitely hit me up if you're interested in something and I'll keep an eye out for your posts too! ;3
    No problem, thank ye too! Sorry it took a bit to organize, but I'm glad it worked out! c:
    Oh yeah, I can make multiple clones. Do you want more than one, and if so how many?
    I have received your answers but I've been busy at work this week so haven't had a chance to look through them yet.
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