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Recent content by Kazekun

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    Episode #38 - A.I. Warrior Porygon

    This episode is the infamous banned episode that caused nearly 700 kids in japan to go to the hospital due to the episode causing the kids to have seizures. Well I watched it today & it was very good. But just incase I skipped the part that caused such problems (of course I did play the part of...
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    Dragonite V.S. Salamance

    Dragonite. While it would be a very close battle, the type of attacks Dragonite can pull out would give it a slight advantage, plus the way it's body is built would make it much more agile.
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    Your Favorite Starter

    Charmander is my favorite.
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    O'er the Rampardos We Watched! (486)

    I liked this epsiode. Though I didn't get the whole Croagunk thing. I also didn't understand how Pikachu wasn't able to defeat Rampardos when Pikachu should be 10x stronger than him, then Tutwig was able to. (the irony in this being Roark is the first gym new trainers battle in Sinnoh, so if...
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    Serebii.net Update: Tuesday: Shocking PBR Wi-Fi News

    That link takes you to the homepage which shows you the rest of the updates so you can see the full updates for today. Cool updates btw, I wonder what the deal with that "glitch" is anyways. Hope they figure it out.
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    what ever happened to "I'm going to be a Pokemon master"?

    Why you bein' so negative man?
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    Ash's pokemon return?

    From the Bulbapedia:
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    I'm Making a Pokemon Game!

    Definetly interested in this game!
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    The most undetestimated type

    I agree bug pokemon are the most underestimated.
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    Official Signature Check Thread

    I'll remember that, thank you!
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    Ash's Final Two

    I hope Ash will get Riolu next, or atleast as the 6th pokemon on his team.
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    I watched it (though it didn't feel the same with the different voices), you could tel they all had different voice actors/actresses.
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    I have no doubt in my mind that Misty will someday return to Pokemon, she is Ash's soul mate. Also, I found this on Wikipedia: I just hope it's not for just cameos, she needs to return!
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    Official Signature Check Thread

    Is the new one okay?
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    what ever happened to "I'm going to be a Pokemon master"?

    It'll probably be in the final episode of the series he gains the title of Pokemon Master, because the point of his journey is to become one, if he became one in the next to last season, there really wouldn't anymore reason to go on with the show.