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  • im currently training my team of dragons at victory road,
    Dragonite lvl 56
    Charizard lvl 52
    Salamence lvl 53
    Tyranitar lvl 56
    Flygon lvl 52
    Garchomp lvl 53
    The people looking at my profile right now if you wan't a totodile get pokemon colleseum then if you wan't trade it to emrald,saphire,ruby then migrate it to pearl and you will have a totodile on pearl but remember this you must have a special connecter to do this not only totodile but scuicune,raichu,entei and other great pokemon from silver gold and crystal I also wan't to tell you there's not only silver and gold kind of pokemon on pokemon colleseum
    by the way, when your account is activated you can post in the D&P recent happenings thread, scroll down to 4th generation games, click daimond and pearl then click D&P recent happenings then click "new post" button to post what recent happenings you had in pearl! (like what you went through when training your porygon-z)
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