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  • I would like you invite you to nominate your favorite pokemon and participate in my Your Favorite Pokemon Face-Off. XD hope to see you there!
    i've always wanted to go to pride but i rarely ever found the time for it when it was happening. i heard the parade was stopped and delayed this year by activists or something which pissed off a lot of people

    johto will be next after the starter face off, as long as people reply to the thread and actually finish the starter face off
    it sucks to be poor here since everything is so expensive

    and the other stuff is political so i won't get into that

    no problem nice to meet you :D
    I am always happy to have more Canadian friends on here, I feel like we've HEAVILY outnumbered :p
    not that it matters lol but it's nice!

    They look pretty decent for their respective parts imo. A lot of people think it's going to be Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from Lost) who will be cast as Elsa as she not only looks the part, but is also in the pool of former Lost actors/actresses that Once Upon a Time is known for taking from. As much as Olaf made the movie so much better, I'm leaning toward not wanting him on this show... There won't be much for him to do imo, and he'd have to be an animated snowman... in Storybrooke. Awk. I don't think I'd want Hans either. If Hans is added, I'd only want him to be in Anna and Elsa's backstory.

    Rumple's vault was said to only hold things that were either too powerful for Rumple or just things he didn't understand. If Elsa was in there, she must be hella powerful. Storybrooke, watch out. Elsa's comin' to freeze y'all.
    He didn't really have to reveal anything imo. The premier will basically consist of two things if you ask me: Elsa and Regina. Regina and Emma will go back to hating one another due to Emma bringing Marian back from the past. She broke up Regina's true love- one that was prophesied by Tink (which should mean they'll work out considering Pixie Dust doesn't lie). Second, Elsa will take the town by storm (get it?) Haha. She's obviously got problems with Rumple since she was in a vase in HIS vault. So yeah. Haha. :) She'll probably freeze the town like she did Arendelle in Frozen... Oh, and Anna is confirmed to be on the show as well.
    It was just weird seeing Hook and Neal the same age for the end of season 2 and all of season 3 considering Hook raised Neal for some part of his childhood. Yeah, the Dark Curse caused the same age paradox, but it's still weird (not in a bad way, just different).
    I didn't get the same impression tbh. Emma's been through nothing but hell ever since she was born, and Neal's death only added to that. Emma's never had anyone to rely on or that she could trust, so she buries everything. Even though she's not showing his death's impact most of the time, I can tell it's eating her alive. Her makeout session with Hook was needed imo. She needed a catalyst to her moving on, and on top of that Hook deserved it for giving up his pride and joy- the Jolly Roger- to get back to her so she could save her family from Zelena.
    The end of season three had me hollering. I was so happy that Regina had found true love. I mean, come on. It was even prophesied by Tink. But then Emma had to be the good guy- or should I say girl- and not let Marian die. Also, I did not expect Elsa to be in the end. In fact, the own cast of the show didn't find out Elsa was going to be on the show until they watched it either. They were given an alternate script with a different ending.
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