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  • I've never been down that way :( I've always wanted to go to Nashville. Country music isn't my favourite genre, but all the history down there would still make it really worth while!
    That sounds wonderful. I've always wanted to do a backpacking trip, and the areas over here in Western Canada and the US are absolutely wonderful for it, although most of the Northern US and non prairie provinces are.
    Nope names not ringing a bell xD

    I love it out here! I love being so close to the ocean... it's so soothing. Ever come out west?

    I've been to Ontario once, last summer I spent about a week in Ottawa with my dad. It was a good time. :)
    I'm glad things are moving forward! That's really good to hear! I actually didn't realize/forgot you were out in Ontario. Whereabouts do you live? I'm over on the west coast on Van Isle.
    That's good that you are sticking with it!

    The other part... is not so good. Hopefully things begin to look up on that side of things and everything works out!
    A health issue? What was wrong?

    But that's good for you about not dropping out! Found a new desire to continue?
    That is probably a good plan. When the job is right you will know. No point absolutely hating your career!
    That's understandable. It wouldn't be a bad thing to go back to school if you feel the job is not for you in the end. Never know, I never thought I'd be training to be a teacher. xD
    4 years, but I'll be doing it over 5 probably. I changed my mind originally I was studying psychology, but decided I liked this better.
    I'm good either way... I do have to leave by 3:30 though so as long as we fit in there im good either way :)
    I noticed you just challenged me... give me a second and I'll be ready to go! My team isn't made for competitive battling... but even so i still need to prepare it adequately.
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