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  • I've been lagging behind a bit. I'm only at 4 badges. Life has gotten in the way a lot this weekend, and I've had bigger priorities. Perhaps once I've gotten myself caught up I wouldn't mind a battle. :)
    On my very first game I am using only Kalos Pokemon... but I'm going to have to make n exception probaly for my next team xD How is your playing going?
    Glorious! I'm literally so obsessed with my 3DS currently that I go out on walks just for the street-passes. Thankfully in Nyc everyone else does the same :D
    I'm tempted to use something that mega evolves at this point... because im having a real hard time choosing pokemon to use this generation. I know I want at least one fairy type and I really want to start with Fennekin... but that's all i got so far xD
    Yeah I've considered Sylveon myself, because I am also most definitely using a fairy type... I just haven't decided which one yet. :)
    My 3DS came in earlier this week and so did Animal Crossing, I've been playing it excessively. haha
    I've been trying to be a good boy and not look at all the spoilers on the internet. It's so hard! But barely a week left! :3
    Do you happen to have Animal Crossing: New Leaf?
    Yeah I am having the same dilemma. I may take Bulbasaur or Squirtle begrudgingly if I can't figure out a grass or water Pokemon for my main team, but I'm hoping I can figure something out without having to use any old Pokemon for a playthrough or two.
    Hahaha yes indeed! I'm taking my Charmander, even though I won't probably use it. I like to use all new Pokemon for my first few playthroughs. :) Which kanto starter are you taking?
    Haha sounds like a good idea. Chespin is pretty cool. I just fell in love with how cute fennekin was, and the first starter hasn't been my main starter since Charmander.
    I am most certainly getting them! Getting both of them!! :D Although X will be my main game and Y will be the one I restart for numerous playthroughs.
    I'm doing quite well thank you :) Sorry I didn't respond before, I hadn't been on in a while. How are you doing?
    I'll return the favor with Froakie eggs haha and if the mechanics are revealed by the time I beat the beat the Elite Four, I'll see that it has favorable ivs and nature
    Ok you officially will be the bearer of my Chespin babies ahahah. :3

    btw do you, and the is very American/ignorant to ask, say "ehy" a lot? I only ask because my Canadian friends do and they're proud of it haha.
    I waited for this moment in time lol, I have the old chinky original blue DS, and then I bought the Palkia/Dialga Special Edition DS Lite now to continue the trend! You could probably sell your current one and buy the special edition one for not too much of a loss.

    As for which game, I'm getting both... buuut my main game will be X. I love Xerneas and Froakie. Yveltal and Chespin will be part of my Y team.

    And yes! I really enjoyed my time in Toronto. It's a small city, but there's so much to do and see. It also has a large gay community so finding things to do at night was fairly easy. Montreal as well, it was gorgeous the last time I went and I really want to go back again. Where in New York have you been?
    I think my favorite games are R/S/E. Mainly because I loved most, if not all, the pokemon introduced in Gen III.
    And I will once it arrives in the mail. I ordered it last week and it should arrive either today or tomorrow (Red Special Edition Pokemon XY 3DS LL) :3

    I was there about a month and a half ago, It's fairly easy to get to from Nyc thankfully - just takes a looooooong time to get there.
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