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  • OMG I did my DS finally showed up in the mail on Christmas Eve and then I played Alpha Sapphire my first time on Christmas! I already did just about everything you can ingame though.. lol!
    Me too I am pretty sure that I will get those :3 Ive had alpha sapphire for a while now I am waiting on my DS to come in the mail all fixed :3 it broke last month
    Hello! I saw your post on the Event Trading Thread, and I have Event Pokémon from previous generations that you don't have on your list. Some of them are the English Dialga (SUM2013), Modest Nature; GameStop Entei (Crown), Adamant Nature; Garchomp Event (PC, 2012), Jolly Nature; and the Japanese Plasma Genesect (Japan, 2012), with a Naive Nature. I'd be glad to give you more details about them if you wish.

    I'm interested in your Birthday Eeveelutions, the Mega Kick Pikachu and one of the Movie 17 Darkrais (as far as I know, it's the one that has Phantom Force, right?). Maybe I have other Pokémon that you don't have - so, if you're interested, just send me a message.

    And I'm sorry if I made some grammar mistakes. I'm Brazilian. :p Thanks!
    If you can actually RNG Gen 5 legends, is there any chance you could RNG a 31/31/31/x/31/31 Jolly Landorus and teach it Knock Off? I'd love t have a Landorus that's much better than the one I use competitively (which has no perfect IVs at all).
    I've never tried RNG abuse because I never liked the idea of screwing up my time based events. I used to do a lot of grinding on daily battles in Gen 5, but if I started RNG abusing, those battles would be put on hold for 24 hours as punishment for tampering with the clock.
    Ah, the only hex flawless Ditto I have is a hacked, Japanese Ditto. All my other Ditto only have 2-3 perfect IVs, and I doubt their imperfect IVs are 30.
    No, I don't have any HP based Ditto. I've been using N's Pokémon from BW2 to help breed for certain Hidden Powers, because they all have hex 30 IVs.
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