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  • People are still believing that the two partner are airing now.

    The dub is airing the N opening because the Genesect scene but for another reason: they are promoting the.movie.
    Even if those episode were to air,airing the episode N opening when episode N has ended and Da has started and there's an opening of Da around, it's silly.

    I wonder if it only happens in Cartoon Network US.

    Honestly, I expect the episode N opening to be the opening of the XY premiere on October 19th.

    In reality, I think this is a trick for US viewers to the audience to get excited about the episodes that otherwise people are not watching.
    Just that MegaMewtwo was in the movie, and reconfirming that there will be an XY movie next year
    I'm sure there's some fairly substantial news, but to the level people are hyping themselves? Absolutely not
    Do you know thsat Japan dislikes the movie? Whatsales do you think the movie is getting this opening week? (Use Dogasu post as a support)
    I don't like to comment on people's leaks and rumours for obvious reasons (it got me into trouble when I was stating whether Brawl rosters were legit or not since I do know things I shouldn't), but there is seemingly a leak-off of sorts. Hiro has stated some of WPM's source's stuff is fake. We'll just have to wait and see
    It's noting about the promotion in the next issue where they'll be giving away 1,000 presents regarding X & Y that will be delivered on the game's release day. They revealed it in their issue last month that it'd be detailed this month
    Mostly because I'm friends with the people who tell me things, and they tell me to let me prepare or just for my rabid curiousity, as seen with the Unova starter situation last year.

    However, after 2010, you won't see me leaking much anymore. I'll still post some things here and there, mostly confirmations should things crop up of which people aren't certain about their authenticity, but I won't ever go all-out like I did with DP, Plat, HGSS and so forth
    He's obviously risking the wrath of Nintendo, should he be speaking the truth. His friend Melkor was on the receiving end of it last time, so I'm unsure as to why he'd risk it.
    Because it didn't come from the images so could be anything. We don't even know if the person who posted the images on 2ch is the same person. I've posted about it round the web though.
    If Mewtwo is getting a Forme that promotes the new games, I think you can forget about Genesect being the main star. The mere fact that Mewtwo was the February surprise already implies that much.

    I read what you wrote. What I disagree with is the underlying assumption that Mewtwo's maturity has to manifest as physical change. It absolutely doesn't, but I suppose there is no harm in it.
    Considering that, iirc, you were an avid speculator on Mewtwo's possible role in XY and natural movie role that stuck out as a key indicator.

    Plus you tend to vary your words in your post and only a few people on Bulbagarden do that regularly, so it was easy to narrow it down to Me, Quattero~, and one or two other members who are connected to Genesect speculation in some form. I'm actually surprised to see you on Serebii, I was under the impression most Bulbagarden Anime Sectioneers thought negatively of Serebii Forums.(Well, outside of me.)
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