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  • I very much doubt that they will do that. As the time comes, they will show the BW event
    Firstly, the fateful encounter flag is what activates the event in Moor of Icirrus for Keldeo so it will be done there. It's hard to provide concise translations due to the blurriness of the image. We'll get more soon when clearer images come

    The bit with Kyurem roughly states that the moveset of Keldeo is strong when compared with Kyurem (The fighting-type would destroy it). The bit with the muskedeers, I'm not entirely sure (and my translators aren't currently online) but I believe it was just stating the level and that its strength is comparable. Will check when they get online
    Yep they're on the agenda. I'm currently dealing with Stadium 1 and will do Stadium 2 soon after. Then it'll likely be the time of Nobunaga's Ambition's release then after that, after I've had a little recovery break, work on TCG GB games begins.

    And yeah he does, and the stuff he misses, I'll fill in the gaps :)
    Well my 3DSWare version of Battle Chess theory is just circumstantial so it could be wrong.

    It could also be what Genius Sonority is working on
    You know how the Japanese hype things though. Remember the shocking stuff a few months back when we got Mewtwo and PokéPark 2...

    Don't read too much into it
    Someone somewhere will always be interested in it. No other sites covered the recent spinoffs until US release was passed or confirmed to not happen, so why should I make them wait?
    That's my theory, yeah, but who knows...could be surprised

    And of course I have to cover the spin-off games
    Typing DS was awesome.

    Let's just hope it doesn't also come on Boxing Day. I don't want to be covering a game on Christmas lol...they already almost screwed me out of my birthday
    It's always been a high possibility that the announcement has nothing to do with games, though do note that the Smah episodes for the week of Rumble's reveal made no mention of it.

    Now, here's something which does raise an eyebrow. On the official site, there was a Battle Chess BW update, due to the commercial. However, instead of it being listed as "Goods" like all other updates, it was listed under "Games - Others" like the spin-off games
    I’m sorry to inform you that there is no flagged event in Azalea Pokémon Center in any version. Crystal US, Crystal JP, and Gold US all have an identical format of one nurse plus three normal people who monologue but otherwise provide no interactivity.

    There is a script that does nothing. This exists in Azalea Pokémon Center (and not other Pokémon Centers) in all three versions I looked at, but since it is in Gold as well it is probably nothing significant to the Mobile Adapter.

    I did not search for text. Three characters will provide too many false positives, and the language barrier is too great for me to determine whether something is real text or pure gibberish.

    It is conceivable that the Mobile Adapter could “hot‐patch” a script into the game. I do not know if it actually does so in Crystal, however.

    The holy grail would be an existing save file taken from a Japanese Crystal that had communicated with the Mobile Adapter. Analyzing it could answer many questions.
    Now to find a suitable cartridge...
    It's not impossible. But I'm afraid that if Chieko's events and her mini-games were pre-programmed, someone would have discovered them.
    Oh, indeed, seems to be the right person. He's found some really interesting things in GSC (wow, I didn't realize how many Pokemon sprites were changed for the English version).

    I think his site used to be called Tohjo Falls, or is it yet another person?
    At this moment I can only think of Peter O. (Ultimate Pokemon Center) and Kyoufu Kawa (The Helmeted Rodent). But both seem to be gone for a while.
    First... rematch? That means that she battles with the player? Wow! That means that she could have her own sprite too.

    Also, even if Chieko leaves after certain events, then I'm sure that the data doesn't terminate itself. If we compressed such "patched" game into a ROM, we could be able to look through the data of those events (all dialogues, sprites etc.) or even access them in-game.

    But I know Japanese people, they would never agree on this. The other option is BUYING that site owner's cartridge (if he/she still has it and it's still working) but I don't think that anyone would do that.

    As for PokeSpe, yes, this is really disappointing. If Kusaka did it the right way, the world would never forget about Chieko...

    Also, what do you think about the possible release of GB/GBC games as 3DSWare? What would they do with PCC and Mobile System if Crystal was release for 3DS's Virtual Console? Would it just leave it as-is and PCC will just stand there uselessly, or would they just delete the PCC (along with Game Corner)? Or maybe they'd use Wi-Fi to "emulate" the Mobile System (this way, we could use it in English version too)? This would be amazing, but it's probably not happening.
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