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  • Oh, so I did alter the scan, after all...

    By the way, do you think anything about the Battle Tower in Japanese Crystal? I defeated all 16 Leaders and it's still inaccessible, I guess it has to do with the Mobile System too.
    Oh, that's VERY interesting. And yes, I am very interested in any translations and informations, so please keep me informed.

    I have seen only the English text dump of Pokemon Crystal and it has nothing which could match Chieko. So, it seems like the event wasn't preprogrammed and was patched into the game using Mobile Adapter. The text does have only one strange thing related to Azalea Town - between Slowpoke text and GS Ball text you can see a dialogue of a Pokemon nicknamed Wooster (WOOSTER: Gugyoo...). There is no other reference to this and I've got no idea what it could be. Maybe a Japanese dump would help us in demasking its identity. But chances are that it's something meaningless and completely unrelated to GS Ball.

    I think there's only one possible way to find something more about Chieko and GS Ball mysteries: Media Coverage. I'm sure that those events were somewhat covered in CoroCoro, Famitsu or other magazine like that. The problem is that those magazines aren't valued at all, so Japanese people just throw them away. Digging them out is gonna be very, very hard.

    Speaking about magazines, I think I may have something relevant to your interests (although you might've seen this) - the GS Ball artwork. I grabbed it long ago from Pokemon Zeo, which had (very shallow) information on some old CoroCoros and some partial scans (like this one, I didn't cut anything out, I downloaded it like this, AFAIR). This section on Zeo still exists but many of the images are down. This just confirms that magazines did cover the Mobile Adapter features and that if we dig old issues, we may learn something about Chieko's event (maybe even her artwork... meh, I doubt it).

    You could also try tweeting Masuda, although he's giving shitty answers to people (though most ask shitty questions).
    Thanks. Am actually in the process of doing up old sections, the Red/Blue one is being redone as we speak
    That was 11 years ago so my mind isn't as fresh. You had to do some of the special features at the PCC and when you do you get it. I never had it as I wasn't as well connected in the fandom back then
    Unfortunately, my knowledge about PCC- and Mobile Adapter-related stuff is just as lacking as everyone else's.
    ... Well, no time long see, I suppose. Feel like rubbing my face in your victory? Come on, you know you want to.
    Nevertheless, I completely apologize for whatever I have done that has offended you all that time ago, respect and all that. You probably don't want to be bothered with me anymore, so I'll get going. Hope you have a good time here on Serebii, and that should we meet again, we won't be on opposite sides.
    Edit: as for the message underneath this, I didn't plan on convincing. Just making a point. Had I done that, my embarrassment over being proven wrong with have been more significant. Thank goodness I didn't. (and I cannot believe how idiotic I sound after seeing all my old posts.)
    I've just sent you a PM. As for wishing to be proven wrong, I have a hunch that if you thought you could do that convincingly, you wouldn't be asking for my permission.
    Tell me, Kein. Have you actually received my first argument to place against your ideas, or have you decided that the PM was full of nonsense?
    At any rate, could you do me a favour and inform me if you have even read my PM? I believe the basic point of my argument was that there are reasons of stat differences in the appearance between pokemon forms, etc. When the physical body of a pokemon is different from another form or stage of evolution, it can be heavily expected that there is a stat difference; it isn't merely a change of clothes. However, having a notched ear shows barely any evidence that a stat change would be present at all. It would depend on how the pokemon got it's notched ear. If you are right about the ear symbolizing something, like what you said about Thunder Demon ages ago, then I will admit a stat change is possible.
    Right, if you want or wish me to prove you wrong on the games and anime point, then please VM me stating so as well.
    What would you call "Where do I begin to make fun of this?" and "making the idea of it ludicrous to be brought up now"? You might not support my idea, but I'd like to believe that even you can see that it is feasible enough not to be reduced to the afterthought you seem to insist it is. There are much humbler ways to get your point across.

    If you can intelligently reply to my post in the thread, specifically the parts that prove you wrong on the anime creating Pokémon that never make it to the games, then I won't mind continuing this debate. But you definitely need to learn to be more respectful, and if there is something about my manner of posting that offends you (certainly nothing as blatant as what you've done), you will accomplish a lot more by telling me to be more considerate.
    Right, as for the whole NEP thing, due to Psychic's warning, I'm going to try to do this with you using PMs, if you don't mind. If you'd rather not argue through PMs at all, please let me know. But should you want to, then I'm certain we'll argue long into the night. Please VM me stating whether or not you still want to argue over this with the PMs and such. Thanks.
    Also, how did you find my argument insulting? The manner in which you've presented your posts in the past is just as insulting as my opening paragraph, and everything else seem fine to me. Must be missing something. Never mind.
    Are you on Smogon as well, by that same name?
    I don't go to Bulbagarden, and I only lurk on Smogon.

    Anyway, I admire your thoughtfulness about these Pokémon topics.
    I am afraid I don't remember you, but thanks all the same for showing interest.
    I can be found far more frequently in Bulbagarden as Unown Lord, if by chance you are a member there.
    I seem to remember you from the pre-DP days.
    I was T Lord then (but you probably don't remember me)
    I also see that you've been around for a while in the Platinum section.
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