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  • That's right! We're in the same year. You shouldn't purposely fail 8th, though, that would put you worse off! Does your school have AP classes?
    The 18th is freshman orientation (I think), but I went to that when I was a 7th grader, so I don't have to go now as a 9th grader. I'm having mixed feelings about going back to school, though. I'll be great to see my friends, but... I'm terrified to be a freshman, even though I've been at the school for two years.
    I don't know how long... but probably a half-year, looks like our last convo was back in february. Really, the only thing of importance that has happened in that period was probably tumblr and school. How about you?
    Oh gosh, yeah thanks for telling me! The spoiler tags are fixed now. XD

    And that's alright! No pressure at all, I'm sure we'd all be willing to wait. ^^ How was your break?
    yep no problem and yeah i have no clue why people live to do this :/ I mean i never got much neg reps until i got to posting in the artist corner :/ Im glad to help you out though my friend ^_^
    hey keld just looking at artist corner and i wanted to help you out with your userbars but i didn't want to post in the thread cuaz we got a new person neg repping again so I rather just message you this way...anyway there nice but your font your using not sure if its vistors but if it is make sure to change the anti-aliasing to none...if your working with photoshop of course this will set the pixel fonts to be legible to read right now its very blurry hope that helps...
    We have, like, 7 FREAKING DIFFERENT TYPES OF BAND. Marching band, the PUP band, Wind Ensamble (how do you spell), Jazz Band, and I don't remember the rest... probably because I'm not in any.
    *flashy music, flashing lights, and possibly a rainbow or two* WEEEEEEE AAAREEE ALIIIIIIIVE
    Oh noes, I'm sorry. (ach, I don't know what to say here...) My week was just kind of slow and boring. Nothing big happened. What kind of dog are you getting?
    Girl, you're totally fine, because I know exactly how you feel. I'm gender-neutral, and I blame my loss of feminine-ness because most, if not all, of my closest friends, and the friends I hang out with, are guys. Because I can't stand most girls. (Most of my opinions are probably offensive, so I pay no mind to the offensiveness of other peoples opinions.)
    Most highschool teams are like that. It's a "sometimes we good, sometimes we not" kind of thing. I think we have a golf team.. or at least, we did, I think it dissolved because people stopped caring. (At our school, however... drama and choir are the good things. All of our choirs are super freaking good, and our drama team is even better.)
    We have been gone for a while... but all that is in the past. WE ARE BACK!
    It's actually not that bad - as long as you aren't a lazy butt. If you act like a lazy butt and try to be "cool" (which is actually super annoying), your high school years will be awful.
    Oh, I love rebelling without getting in trouble. I do that all the time when I sit on the table or the floor instead of in my desk.
    Our school's soccer team is okay, but no one really pays attention to them at all (most sports are like that). But then we get to football. And our school's football team SUCKS. And yet, that's all you hear about. THEY CAN'T WIN A SINGLE FREAKING GAME AND THAT'S THE ONLY SPORT THEY TALK ABOUT.
    The user title is very true... ^-^; I've been gone for, like, 2 months.
    Yay for giftedness! (And not yay, with all the crap we have to put up with.) Goodness gracious, I would probably smack that woman. I go to a high school (I didn't skip a grade, where I live we have a program that sends the "gifted" 7th and 8th graders to the high), but no one really bothers us as long as we don't bother them. Some of my good friends are actually high schoolers. And sure, things are a little biased (PUPs never beat the high schoolers in anything ever), but no one actually oppresses them.
    I have! I was a Who in our school's Seussical the Musical last semester. (And I'm on our schools Mock Trial team currently.)
    I'm sorry. I'm a "gifted" student, so I'm expected to ace everything, so I know how you feel. (I'm an 8th grader taking 10th grade classes...) HAPPPIEEES ISSS GOOOOOOOD! My birfday is in less than a month, February 21st! (YAY! RANDOM!)
    HOLY WOW NAME CHANGE AND OH MY GOSH YOUR ALIVE AND EVERYTHINGS HAPPY! I've been pretty inactive too... but other than that, I've been fabulous, but not really (due to some mental issues), but I'm fabulous right now. What about you?
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