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  • Hi, i have Black 2. I can give u some exclusives like Bunerry, Vullaby, and stuff. i need a Male Skitty, a male Numel, and a Rufflet.
    Thanks for the Trade ^_^
    Hey I was wondering if you still needed help pokeshifting from white to white 2? as it happens I have three pokemon I want to transfer from plat to black 2. I'm sure we can come up with some kind of deal...
    sorry. been working overtime and family just had a garage sale. been checking to see if you are on line but never seem to catch you. haven't had time to breed a new electa family for you.
    since i can't find my main game i need to breed you a new pokemon. would you rather have the eleta family or the magnamite fam?
    ok. so the week should be slowing down... a bit. let me know when you can trade. i'll be on most of tonight.
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