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  • aye man yeah that's the same thing!!
    and ya man me too, more or less although i AM trying to get a job bc i want $$$$$ but yeah i remember all 3 of them very well haha
    right??? omg

    uhmm im in english college, which i'm pretty sure is junior and senior year over there, so yeah i'm a junior basically? probably, pretty sure

    wbu man?
    You were? Do you not remember me ranting about the merge? Literally being a complete douche for absolutely nothing? You were fine and normal XD
    Why do I torture myself by coming on here and reading all of my old messages XD WHY WAS I SUCH AN AWKWARD ANNOYING PERSON?!
    Before Finals, we usually take all these crazy last minutes tests so I'm preparing for that before I start studying for finals. I got accepted to a couple colleges, and I haven't decided where to go yet.

    I've also been playing AS! It was pretty good. I had like 40 hours played just in the story!!
    You should be a graphic designer :)

    Im stuck in between being a human recourse specialist or a business manager/admin.
    Those are lots of respectable companies. Damn lol. Also Adidas is in Washington too.
    What is it that you plan on doing, btw?

    I remember people would be able to fail every single class, in middle school, but the they just had to show up for summer school and they pass the grade haha.
    Yea I would totally do the 4 year college experience thing, but ***** I don't want my parents to be paying for everything. Instead, I can just work for these next two years while I go to school for free, then I will be able to pay the last two years.

    What companies are in Washington other than Microsoft?

    & School was much easier back when we first joined. Thats why we were all on 24/7 lol
    Washington state? Why? & I'm leaning towards two years at my community college (free scholorship!) then transfer to either UofI or UIC.

    And thats crazy. We're growing up way too fast.
    Yes I am. Last year. You're a junior or a sophomore now?

    Also, what colleges you plan on going?
    Alright cool so now I got a laptop which means I can now pokebattle and talk to you again. So I have really been into Pokemon Y lately. I have gotten like 2 boxes full of shinies in the last month. The shiny charm helps out a lot.
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