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  • Damn Kelz, I'm so sorry I havent been on. Serebii is really not mobile friendly and has started crashing my internet app, which is new.
    ah that's cool, i quit compeitive pokes over a year ago now i think but if you ever need a quick call or a second input i'd be happy to help ya out but it's great you got the jist

    enough time put in gets ya good results, even if youre absolute trash
    yeah dude, just wasting my summer but upset over argentina's loss omg

    what about you man?
    Awesome. I might look at it. How is your team doing? I still haven't gone to showdown to build my team! I've been busy. Sorry about that. I'll probably do it really soon, like Monday soon.
    and those peeps that said i'm 38 r well stupid. who's gone on serebii forums when they're 38. that's plain DUMB
    Naw I got like 3 laptops and a PC lol. It's just that I use my phone for internet browsing nowadays. How many members are in that clan? Is it at least good to practice competitive battling and battle more than like 3 people.
    Yea I keep forgetting to make a team. I haven't even used a legit computer/laptop in like a month. And honestly I wanted to join a clan too but all the clans right now suck and there's way less activity there so no good clans will come a long any time soon.
    Not yet! I'll make one probably Monday just to battle you! I've been watching the world cup like crazy. It's nice to see that you're winning. I'm a but rusty and I'm going to have to make my team from scratch, but luckily I remember most of my good Pokemon.
    When I first saw mega swampert I was wondering what the **** is this. Dude hit the gym. He's already defensively bulky but now his attack better get raised.
    I watched all of Nintendo's presentation thing....I liked it a lot, lol. Zelda confused me, seeing the robot spider-thing, lol. Super smash bros looks fine, and I also found the presentation to be genuinely funny :) I guess you could say I'm happy.
    Idk but Sceptile was my fav starter because I like his design. What starter are you getting?
    So, nintendo E3 made me want a Wii U, lol. Smash looks solid..but I'm worried about how it'll play on 3ds. The Zelda game looks sick as well :)
    Yea I'm living how they have Sceptile a dragon type. Also sableye got a mega which means more Pokemon might get a mega. What Pokemon do you think should get a mega evolution.
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