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  • Nice. I keep getting letters from colleges nowadays which makes me sad to think that I'm going to be going to college in two years! Also, what you think of the new ORAS details?
    Looks like Swampert has been hitting the gym, lol. I was a bit disappointed by the ability though, as I don't see Swampert as much of a sweeper :(
    IP? Sorry, I'm not exactly with the nintendo lingo :p
    Also, they have to be showing something with Omega and Alpha, considering all f the releases today.
    Never played :0 That has to be changed, lol. What about Zelda? Apparently, they're supposed to show off a new one at E3.
    Nice!! I better start making teams again. I'm guessing this is your last week of school?
    Mirror's edge was a game I never played, but liked the idea of.
    What about the new SSB game? Isn't the 3ds version due soon?
    Nah, price still too high, and no friends IRL have it :p
    Also, not really. I'm more than happy with games now; still have to finish Twilight Princess, didn't even start Dark Souls, GTA online is always fun, the occasional COD is fine, and don't even get me started on pokemon X.... I'm set :) Unless, ofc, they have something about the Gen 3 remakes.
    Excited? They're the whole reason I bought a 3ds :p Playing X should keep me busy until November.
    So, Nintendo fan, I can see! I really want a wii u, but it doesn't make sense to buy one solely for the new Super Smash Bros game :(
    Been keeping up with my pokemon, finally got around to getting X and a 3ds. Almost done with freshman year, and all, been going by pretty well. Trying to pick up guitar next year.
    Competitive seems very standard, but from what I've seen, can be incredibly entertaining if you're good.
    Yea same here and since it's summer vacation I really don't have **** to do at my house. And yea I'll help you out with competitive battling when you get the new computer!
    Considering my last VM to you was 2.5 years ago, I'd say it's been too long.
    So..... how you been? Don't much know where to begin, lol
    Ah good luck. I didn't study for any final because it's the end of the year but damn I prolly should have.

    And yea it's messed up how I'm not even involved in the community anymore. I just get on for you guys. I was looking at the "guilds" and there are barely any clans compared to when we used to run ED.
    I had 5 As before finals. After finals I only have 2 :((((

    And thanks a lot man. I'm getting old. I can't believe I was like 13 when I first joined this site and met you.
    When do you think you will fix it? I want to get back into competitive battling but I don't want to do it by myself!
    Dude so they blocked the Pokemon battling site. ****ed up.

    Also I'm pretty much done with school now. The rest of the days I only go to take two finals than I go home.
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