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  • Ouch borderline grades suck. When do you come out of school?

    And the secret to making one team is to find one OP Pokemon and build around it.
    Right now man, I got US History Honors. While all the people that have APUSH in my school lost there social life, I watched season 1 of Arrow during USHH and I currently have a 99.40% in that class. Somehow and some reason USHH is easier than normal US History. Good luck with the test tomorrow! What do you have in that class?

    And I think my brother deleted PO from my laptop so I have to make fresh new teams which haven't been very successful. :( When you get your team ready let me know! We can battle!
    Lol nice >.< I haven't bought very many cards since the last of the plasma expansion I have been too busy with school and keeping in shape for soccer next year
    Lol well its something new for both of us then :p I have been obsessed since FireRed. Actually even before that this neighbor I had gave me this HUGE box full of Pokemon cards and ah it was awesome I was hooked after that
    Dude yes I hella am. I never got to play ruby and sapphire in its entirety but I am definitely looking forward to this
    nah I just started school hella early. And yeah the work load sophomore year sucked. Senior work load is next to nothing
    oh lol fun. i actually liked my sophomore year i made a lot of friends that year. god i feel so old. sad thing is i wont even be 18 until the end of the first semester of college
    Same here, finals are a pain, I get out June 3 or 4, and finals are the Thursday before then to whichever is my last day, so I'm just kinda trucking along and waiting for summer to come around (It feels so close yet so far at the same time) Lately I've just been doing the same in my free time (Dota pokemon and anime)
    God same. I have been pretty good had some rough stuff goin on though I am graduating by the end of this month so pretty stoked about that. Anything goin on with you?
    Yea we're getting a new version of our current chromebooks (what they're called) for next year. The first year with them are fun but than the teachers block every site. Why can't you connect to the wifi? What website do you use to battle, btw. I've been using pokebattle.com since it's not blocked. And no **** AP. Only reason people take AP is to complain and brag about them. But every once in a while theres those dudes that are getting AP classes because it's something they need for whatever they want to major in. Ill stick in honors. Are you?
    I have no idea. Can't he just make a new account?

    And I have no plans for buying a Wii-U so they better not tease me by releasing and XD sequal or Stadium 3. Also since my school gives us laptopts to take home someone found a battling website like PO and everyone has been battling. So far I haven't lost to anyone from school! How are you doing with competitive battling?
    Lol good times. I also see Nyter is active again. We just need WS30. :(

    And yea those games were awesome. I'm surprised they only made two. I really enjoyed the music in those games!
    Lmfao I remember when me and WS signed up for the Gay club. Than when we made some dude post a picture of a monkey on the picture thread!

    And emerald was the first game I legit bought new. I still have the box
    Honestly same for me. The time when we had a clan, I will always remember those times. As lame as that sounds, I really had fun. I also come back for the people. I've been having a PM convo with DE for like 2 years now.

    And same here. I can't wait for them. I remember being really hyped for Hg/SS and this time I will be more hyped.
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