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  • are we even be talking to each other legally? Lmao
    So u stoked about omega Ruby/ Alpha Blue.
    I'm surprised you still go on this site, Kelz! Any reason why you still keep coming back?
    Haha! Your frickin hilarious... -_-
    Turned 26 this past Dec.
    So yeah I'm gettin old lol
    Trying to get a job? Uhh hello I remember when u were a wee lil boy dedicated to art! I'm good man full time job full time college. Part time life... It's something I'm getting a handle
    Of. So what type of job u wanna get into?
    I so sorry I'm like jumbled on who is who but Kelz is still Kelz. How are you? You seem so grown up!
    Lol. I'm at like 700 eggs right now and no luck. Taking a break by playing Pokemon X.

    And I don't know actually. Knowing WS, he probably *****ed out a mod or something
    I've just been shiny hunting since that's always good.
    Also have you talked to WS30? I truly miss that guy.
    Wow I guess might as well get free stuff for getting games!
    You haven't played the Pokemon games lately?
    I have never played a FF game nor a JRPG so what is it about?.lol.

    And I probably will never use my club nintendo account other than getting the free game lol
    Yup! Nintendo hooked it up! Now I haven't started it because I can't decide what starter to get. For sure I'm not getting Froakie though. What type of game is it?
    Now it's more than two years ago... I haven't been on here for a while... Do you happen to remember what you were talking about?
    I would try out that website called Pokemon showdown. I heard it's like PO. And than we can battle for fun!
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