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  • I love your signature. :3 I want the Sinnoh Frontier Brains to debut very badly. I love Dahlia (I don't know how to spell her name xD) in-game.
    Looking at your sig... I noticed that most of the characters are those that can be fought to some extent.

    Anthea and Concordia can be battled? When did Serebii mention this?
    Or, you know, it's a possibility the games can download information without having the information be programmed into the games themselves. Sounds pretty complicated considering some aspects of Pokemon. I'm still in denial the other E4 members aren't there T_T
    It's a shame your signature wasn't managed to get filled up. But hey, at least we get to see the other Gym Leaders. Even Juan! :D
    I personally think Sabrina, Koga, and Flint will be confirmed, but what I really want to know what is Achroma's role for him being in the World Tournament.
    Probably once Serebii gets his game, which will probably be sometime tomorrow. I live in Long Island and tomorrow is the 22nd, meaning it would be the 23rd in Japan.
    You can color Lenora, I guess, we know she's the one who revives the fossils in B2W2, she's there (I hope she's still battleable...)
    I don't think your sig will be colored much more. :( Hopefully we get something like Lorelei or Agatha so their whereabouts are known. I also hope Drake, Will, Flannery, Flint, Aaron, and Sabrina are colored. :)
    The outer part of your sig is so colorful. Let's hope the inner part gets colorful soon. By the way, since the BW Player Character is searching for N in B2W2, shouldn't they get colored in soon?
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