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  • Really? That's cool. I'm too lazy to do that, the only thing I have changed mine from is a Piplup to Empoleon.
    This is a really random question: Do you change your avatar to match your post count? If so, its cool.
    Anthea and Concordia should really be expanded upon. I hope they will, they wouldn't create them just for that blink-and-you-miss-it appearance in BW.
    But we do chase and battle the Shadow Triad, if the trailer followed just game events (finally, I spent the whole Black version thinking I would get to fight them at some point), so maybe they'll have some relevance. Maybe they're not with the "White Plasmas" anymore, since these are the ones who seem to have mellowed after the events of BW.
    They should really show us Elesa at least, since she was already revealed by the trailer. I can't wait to see the new artworks... it would be nice if we got artwork for the characters who didn't have it in BW (like the Shadow Triad, or Anthea and Concordia...)
    I think you should wait until CoroCoro leaks, perhaps. Who knows, maybe it gives us some hint. (I wonder what it will reveal this month)
    Yes, she sent Bianca, so it's almost sure she'll appear when you get access to Nuvema. I hope so!
    I really hope you get to put some more color to that sign at least Sabrina, Morty, Clair, Koga, Karen, Juniper, Hilbert/Hilda, Chili, Lenora...
    Pretty sure his name also means something along the lines of evil demon......

    I'll wait and see what happens before we protest.
    Yeah. I kind of wish I could still do that, though I've got tons of ideas for avatars I could use for the rest of the year.

    Exactly. By the way, I'm thinking Akuroma might be B2W2's champion because he's in the tournament.
    Oh, yeah, I'd love to see those too. Would be nice to see everyone with those awesome VS sprites. Haha, yeah. We are asking for a lot!

    By the way, nice new avatar! I used to update my avatar with my userrank, but had to stop because we didn't have all the DP avatars and now I'm at the last rank.
    Yeah, it doe seem that. If we do gain EXP, it would be so easy to get to LV 100.....

    Yeah, same here. I also hope the gym leaders, E4 and champions use the music they use when we normally battled them in their games, but slightly remixed.
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