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  • Haha, I don't really like doing that... I like reading English lol.... and I didn't take Japenese in school this year. Dang it why can't it come out early in Spanish D=

    Anyways hope to see you in Team SeaSoul
    Go to the battle forum, and then into the Clan section and it's in there :)
    Sure, you can apply... it's not up to me if you can join or not, you'll have to apply on the page and they will have to accept you (don't worry it's almost garunteed they will... and if they don't I'll talk to the leader... he's a friend of mine)
    Yeah, Team SeaSoul... but I'm not a tester in there... actually I made a Clan and I'm waiting for it to get approved
    Oh... well our clan got deleted :( I don't know why... I tried asking the Mods but they wouldn't answer
    If they aren't Lv. 100 it's fine... there's an option to make all Pokémon lv. 100 in the battle
    Lol, cool. Well hopefully that works, out I'm gonna be gone for the weekend, so I'll be training while being isolated on a farm xD
    Lol, I had something, but then I found out I don't know where it is xD
    Lol, it's fine, I don't need the favor anymore, but that's cool are you catching a Feebas, or is someone giving you one or what?
    Hey, do you have a Milotic... PM, I have something special I can give you if you help me
    When I get a Misdreavous egg, I need to trade it over to Platinum, because you can't catch them in Platinum :/
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