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  • Thank you for you concern. :] I was able to pay my final respects yesterday, and I feel relieved.
    I should completely be back in gear later this week! *w* Gotta start catching up on things. o:
    Even if I didn't the badge would be his anyway. I usually accept counter teams so I can see how good my team is and what I need improving.
    I'm not open/eating supper right now.
    Plus I've got homework afterwards so tomorrow/this weekend will be best. And I'm replacing a wildcard so I've gotta breed it.
    Just saw your VM. Sure thing! Though I'm purely wi-fi for my facility.
    If you wanted PS, it'll have to be with TheShoveler. o:

    Edit: Nevermind, I'm feeling a little sick at the moment and need to rest. Might open up again later, if I feel better by then.
    Oh hey. :] And was wondering if I could do the same with you, too. xD
    But yeah, I am available all week this week (except for Saturday, due to Pokegyms' tourney).
    After next week, though, scheduling matches might get a bit iffy for me since I start classes again by then.
    I just would like to know what time, and I'll see if I can make it. o.o
    Hey KenKong~

    I know you've been very busy this summer, though you haven't opened up in a long time or posted actively. How are things looking for you beyond the summer? Will you still want to keep your position, and if so do you think an apprentice until when you become more free would be something you'd like to have given your absence?

    Let me know how I can best help you~ :)
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