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Recent content by kerriganrisevil

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    lol thanks but you don't need to overdo it ^^ sorry if I took a lot time to notice it, I was...

    lol thanks but you don't need to overdo it ^^ sorry if I took a lot time to notice it, I was discouraged from the fact that SPPf is lagging a lot
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    Pokeradar Ideas for Platinum

    it would be nice if it was harder I find! But your idea isn't wrong either but each person to their own opinion. ^^
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    Have YOU Beaten Tower Tycoon Palmer yet?

    Not bad but not to be aweful, it seem that even you face this character, you won't have hier BP except you will have a special badge in your box. I should try it when I'll decide a day to open my pokemon pearl
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    Catching shiny pokemon with the pokeradar

    not bad to find shineys pkmns but it's very long even but I admit it's less long as the normal =P Still I'm lazy with this kind of device, I should not being lazy since it's very important to find pkmns that never appear in the game. I should try this trick
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    Ideas for new Pokemon V

    I was thicking about something such a Mawile that can evolve again. Clawile with claws instead of hands, a second horn with jaw which it will have more attack stat, a little bit mor def but the rest would stay the same
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    ~All Your D/P Favorites~

    Favorite Game: Pearl Favorite Starter: Turwig Favorite Legend: Palkia Favorite Attack: Spatial Rend Favorite Shiny: Luxray Favorite Elite 4: Not really except that I like the Champion Cynthia Favorite Gym Leader: Volkner Favorite City: Snowpoint Favorite Route: none Favorite Poketore...
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    Where do u get the ite to evolve Electabuzz?

    It's really rare that a wild Elekid had it on it. Use your fire red version under your DS while you're playing your D/P version game. It's so rare that a wild Elekid will have it that the best trick is to bring with you a pokemon with the ability *Compound eyes* such Butterfree in the first slot...
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    I want a LEGIT Mew!

    Sorry to interrupt you all guys but I want to know a information. If you use the AR code to be able to go to Faraway island to find mew in emerald and Birth Island for deoxys. Do these pokémons are fake or still legit even the cheat to go to these island was done? It's true that's no point...
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    in need of help finding gible...

    You see the Wayhard Cave's entry? On the left, just under the bridge, you may find another entry. Hard to see it because it's under the bridge, so be accurate. Don't forget to bring a pkmn with Strength and Flash. There will have some boulders to push and once you use the ladder to be under...
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    best final evolution of starters

    Not bad for a charizard but I rather charmeleon. Why Charmeleon? Because it has a good shape and doesn't have a belly that I don't want to see on Charizard lol. Long arms because I don't like as much dragons with really short arms. Charmeleon looks as flexible in agility but Useless to say to me...
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    I am new here

    Glad to see you again Methodcobra even I know you more than 8 years
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    Is a new fr me, so it's a new story

    why not Minun2. It will be a pleasure that you joine us but first, tell me more about your game progress
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    good nature for a milotic

    you mean if I have one of the 4 natures recommanded, I don't need to maximize its beauty stat completly to evolve it to Milotic?
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    good nature for a milotic

    I was interested about this thread because I have a feebas with one of the 4 natures recommanded. But I don't know If I must to maximize its beauty stat completelly or if the nature and beauty stat can be as half for the evolution because the powerful dry berries are almost impossible to find again.
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    I've got all-gen starters, shiny legendaries, and other awesome things. take a look!

    I hope that you still want to trade your Feebas. I had difficult to join you due that my PC lagged a lot by entering in the forum