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Recent content by Ket Shi

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    K-Hots' Fakemon

    The coloring is still very Neopet-ish, but overall your Fakemon have become a lot more convincing, especially with the help of evolutionary lines. However, one that stands out is the snowflake ice line. The final evolution is a lovely creature and could easily make it as a Pokémon, but the...
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    Pokemon Drawings

    The first two just seem rather boring because the poses are right from the official art. I like seeing new poses better. Brawleon really needs some color, because as is, it looks pretty much like a spiked Umbreon. Also, don't forget to give him a rump - his tail just merges into the body...
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    my 5th generation pokemon

    I can't say I like Poultrygma too much...it looks like Combusken and Foghorn Leghorn combined. Since Blaziken and Combusken got the "mean bipedal fiery chicken" thing first, why not make it into another bird?
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    scyther_girl's (not) fakemon

    Yeah, that's more fiery. Fire-based creatures usually come in two flavors: - Flames actually spouting out of the body - Body vaguely flame-like, with jagged fire-like patterns or features, colored with bright oranges, reds, and yellows Before, Furifur (I believe that's him) just looked...
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    Dawn fanart!

    A lot of things are warped about Dawn's anatomy, which become a lot clearer if you flip her around a little... From this angle, it can clearly be seen that her arms are of different lengths and her open eye and mouth are crooked. If you want to make drawings at an unusual angle, I would...
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    *Dragon Master's Fakemon*

    The Meowth pre-evolution doesn't look all that much different from Meowth, aside from taking off a few features and making it smaller. Why not change its body shape to look more babyish? Also, if you are going to be posting any more scans, I would suggest that you make a few changes. The...
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    Charmeleon Drawing

    The Charmeleon is really vibrant looking. The only problem I have is that its claws on its feet are inconsistent - one has the claws tightly together and they other has them splayed out. I can't say I like the others as much, though. Not only are their poses from the official art, but...
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    scyther_girl's (not) fakemon

    Likity seems like Skitty without any charisma to me. The globular body, tentacle-like ears, and thick tail don't strike me as being cute... I'd suggest changing the ears and slimming its body a little. Also, Phyrolf and Furifur (I'm assuming they're related) don't seem to be very fiery at...
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    Mythos Fakemon

    Yeah, I'm rotten at drawing horses, I'm more used to cat-like anatomy. Thanks for the tip. Sure, feel free to draw any of my Fakemon! And on another note, I've tried my hand at redrawing Incredugus. Hopefully this version looks better:
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    K-Hots' Fakemon

    Cool, I guess I won! I saw it as a fennel because I love eating fennel. I guess the naming/descriptions things are alright, if you view yourself as just doing the art, but the inorganic thing could be a problem. I'm interested in seeing what expansions new evolutions will make on your...
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    Sassy , My contest glameow!

    See? You can draw animals if you put some time into it. :) I'd like a little less sparkles, but overall it's cute. Just watch out for the butt and tail: the tail doesn't stay at the same width, and it doesn't appear to have a butt at all. I think it should look something like this:
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    Mythos Fakemon

    HyperRicky, it was just mentioned a few posts ago that I was one of Pokémon Treasure's founding members. I doubt they'll mind me redrawing creatures I made myself...
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    K-Hots' Fakemon

    khots, I can help narrow down what makes these guys rather un-Pokémony. - Even if it's just fluff, there's no assigned names, Pokédex entries, or types, which Fakemon usually have. - The size of the Fakemon are almost all consistent, except in the lines that evolve. There's few that...
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    Mythos Fakemon

    I created Tigriff and Kitgriff in 2003. Yours may look similar because, quite honestly, Tigriff and Kitgriff are fairly generic griffins with stripes.
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    My Fake Pokémon

    I like the old version of Sproutops featured on the bottom right best. Whatever design you choose, though, I'd suggest changing the eyes around as they're similar to Turtwig's. I would also suggest changing the kelp's features a little to distance it from Oddish. The three sprouts and the...