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  • Aw well that's unfortunate. I hate it when your choices are ignored, or truly don't matter like when they put in a filler character to fulfill the same purpose. I'm still hoping for a modern Bioware game with several significantly different story endings based on a long series of player choices. It's probably difficult to do, but if a game prides itself on being choice-based, then well it should show.

    One of my buddies bought the game and is playing it now, and is going to lend it to me afterwards. So I'll see what he has to say about it too, since he shares a lot of my own opinions.
    So the story and decision-making and consequences of those decisions were fine? Whenever I play Bioware games (Origins, Mass Effect, Baldur's Gate), I always place greatest stock on those 3 factors.

    Well as long as not all the characters require outside knowledge, I don't mind as much. It would give me incentive to read the book then.

    Yeah, I guess difficulty can't be helped if you can do everything and become too OP. Happened in Origins. A more open world is nice; I wasn't expecting humongous maps anyway - I'd play Skyrim if I wanted that.
    How did you like Inquisition? I haven't played it yet. Is it as good as DA:O?
    Oh yeah, it definitely is harder in the beginning. It depends on what you play as too. Mages and rogues require more management and depend on others to tank.
    In many instances in the original game though, I could just take my Warrior and walk right into enemy and not even bother what my NPCs are doing and just autoattack and spam abilities till I win the fight. That just might be because I was wearing superior equipment and just stronger than my enemies, but still. And that was on Normal, and later Hard when my characters were too strong. But maybe I was using more tactics than I realized. I played Baldur's Gate, which Dragon Age is the spiritual predecessor of, and BG was a lot more complex/harder than DA, so DA wasn't difficult at all.
    There were too many abilities at the end though. I had trouble fitting them on that bottom quickbar, and deciding which ability or spell to use. I had to crank up the difficulty to Nightmare nearing the end because the characters were so overpowered that there was no challenge whatsoever. And...runecrafting was such a waste of time. I must have spent a good hour just running back and forth inside/outside the keep just to craft runes and hope I had enough materials.

    It was a solid expansion, although I wish it was longer. To kill or not kill the Architect was one of the more difficult choices I had to make in DA. Hopefully Inquisition will make that decision impactful.
    Just played Dragon Age: Awakening. It's literally DA:O Lite. I wish it was twice as long (I got 20 hours out of it), but the central conflict was interesting.
    I went with dual-wielding DPS off-tank Warrior on this playthrough. It was fun being the main source of damage while still being able to stand right in the front lines. Human Noble Origin was a bit cliche, but still poignant, epic, and definitely some powerplays you can make later in the game. Really enjoyed it. I wish these Origin stories played a bigger role honestly in the main quest.
    Saw your post on DA:O. Just played my second run-through as well. Thoughts?
    I like using it. I run a Naive Mix-Ape set with mine (cause I like my type coverage) , although you could go Nasty Plot or Swords Dance or even Lead-Ape if you wanted to.
    Thanks a lot. That was unexpected at the end. Hopefully I'll have a lot more battles like that.
    Want to battle? We can go LV 100 that way both our teams can be the same level.
    CROSS- 0046 3496 9555 (platinum)
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