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Apr 18, 2011
Nov 10, 2007
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March 16
In the zone

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tωisted, from In the zone

KetchupO was last seen:
Apr 18, 2011
    1. Chelc
      this is pretty random, but I'm glad to see another Britney fan on the forums. :] it's like everyone here is so up for putting celebrities down and think they're so sweet for doing it, when acually it's just really lol and immature. I mean sure there are some celebrities I really don't care for, but you don't see me going around and flaming/insulting them. 8/

      I love Brit, too. her personal crap aside (that I too am not very happy about - but the things she went through definitely made her stronger as a person, and her comeback is going great =D), she is very talented and will always be one of my favorite artists.

      womanizer is amazinggggg. 8D
    2. PikaHeart
      Yezzz....i know!! I have also a quiz bee coming soon....... so much activities :/
      Oh! You have been a cool person....thankies! [/feeling heartz]
    3. PikaHeart
      Yaozz Pair ^-^ Whats up? [/random defense]
    4. Profesco
      No problem. You're alright yourself. ^_^
    5. Profesco
      Lol, it's okay to think some people suck. Like that Ahmedinejad... man, he just blows. >_>


      Yeah, the infractions given and the infractions earned in that thread were two different things. I do wish people could talk about media stuff without being cynical or mean. But then, I wish that for everything else too. XP
    6. Profesco
      "Excercising my Lickilicky of speech"

      KetchupO, that is a hilarious and wonderful way to use "Lickilicky" in a sentence. =D Brilliant!

      Ummm... I don't suck that much, do I? >_>
    7. Dragodynamite
      yup. never understood how they got they're modships. Joshlol banned me once for 3 days just for updating a list on a thread, atleast he bans xD

      they infracted you to? o.o thats to much x_x they sould get the infractions... (not the mods but the trollers)

      lol x_x Thats just... evil. Ive heard stuffs like that before x_X

      yeah i got loads of infraction points from the clubs section just because I said welcome to some in my club. That ended up with me getting loads of infraction points and 2 locked clubs. -_-
    8. Spoinky
      Thanks, love yours to :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I wasn't sure if I should have a My little Pony sig or a Boohbah but I couldn't find many good My Little Pony pictures ): So yeah :'D
    9. Dragodynamite
      Its not very easy to get rid of trolls x_X Its not like they can ban them just because of it. And I gess warning points didnt cross they're minds. And... Rave wouldnt have done anything anyways xD

      Many of them do, but many is nice/useful. other mods like josh and rave however...
    10. Dragodynamite
      I guess the mods sucks thing comes from the britney thread? xP
    11. Dragodynamite
      hahaha, I lol'd of your sig xP
      And I agree with most of them xD
    12. Alkaide
      I happened to see your sig, and I just want to say that I love it! ; D

      And Lickilicky pwns, by the way. : D
    13. PikaHeart
      Ya me too....
      New sprites at my thread come and see ^^
    14. PikaHeart
      Poor guy l_l
      *stops playing ds*when did you start school? :)
    15. PikaHeart
      Hiyas ^^

      So how are you then :D. Me i lost but its wort a try ^^. And im playing my ds ^-^
    16. *~Aipom Star~*
      *~Aipom Star~*
      Me too! <3

      Good, good!
      What?! Poor you... you did say you only had 3 weeks - am I right? :(
      It so does! I mean its Thursday already! Ita already been a week since we got Wii Fit... woah...
      Hehe lol! ^-^

      Will do - eating one right now! <3 ^-^
    17. *~Aipom Star~*
      *~Aipom Star~*

      I'm good thanks - I just made cookies! Yum! ^-^ How are you?

      Thanks! I <3 it! It is sooo cute! ^-^
    18. PikaHeart
      Many thanks ill do my best :)
    19. PikaHeart
      Thanks.....you cheered me up...............
    20. PikaHeart
      in order:
      ruby,firered,diamon and pearl,ranger,mystery dungeon,trozei and dash

      feel kinda sad............gueass im not a good spriter...........
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