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  • These are what I would be interested in.

    Garchomp(XY/01154) timid 1-16-2014 Proud of its power ♂ [JAP]
    Garchomp(XY/01244) impish 2-18-2014 Somewhat of a clown ♂ [ENG]
    Game Charizard Uk GAME 2014/07114 charizard (y) timid 7-11-2014 sturdy body eng
    Happy Hour Inkay (PCTB/11223) quirky 1-9-2014 good endurance
    Christmas Trade (クリスマス/12213) Scizor Adamant 12-21-2013 Takes plenty of siestas ♀ [JAP]
    emart scizor (새해복맞이/02014)
    emart gengar(새해복맞이/02014)
    Movie Darkrai(ふしぎのくに/04194) darkrai modest 4-19-2014 mischievous
    Coro Coro Charizard(コロコロ/03154) Charizard (Y) jolly 3-15-2014 Good perseverance ♂ [JAP]

    Birthday Pokemon (ポケセン♪/10123) :

    Espeon timid 1-29-2014 Often lost in thought ♂ [JAP]
    Vaporeon rash 1-17-2014 Sturdy body ♂ [JAP]
    Pikachu timid 1-21-2014 Likes to run ♂ [JAP]
    Glaceon careful 11-22-2013 Strong willed ♂ [JAP]
    Leafeon rash 12-10-2013 Quick tempered ♂ [JAP]
    Flareon hasty 11-26-2013 Likes to thrash about ♂ [JAP]
    Yeah i'm not sure on that one so I would recommend against taking it.

    I'll post what I want from yours after I go through it a bit.
    japanese halloween gengar all language
    taiwan darkrai ot Wonderland id 08074 all language
    germany gamestop charizard all language
    vgc14 aegislash all language
    Pokecenter vivillon ( all language)
    2014 Tanabata Jirachi(all language)
    Paris Vivillon all language
    Landmark Tower Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed ランドマーク
    Cosmo World Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed コスモW
    Red Brick Warehouse Pikachu ot みなとみらい nicknamed あかレンガ
    Captain Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed せんちょう
    Pacifico Pikachu ot みなとみらい ncknamed パシフィコ
    landmark plaza pikachu ot みなとみらい nicknamed ♥♥ピカ♥♥

    I have these to trade.
    Do the Korean vgc 2014 event Pokemon come with set ivs or random? Asking cause bulbapedia doesn't say anything about it
    Hey Kevin just messaged someone telling em about how gen6 6iv event pokemon are all hack generated cause I read a post you made but I can't find anything on it from Google, could you link it to me so I can show them? Thanks dude
    OK. Take all the time you need! We can talk any time about a trade. I hope you fix your problem easily!
    I saw on the forms that you are looking for a lot of pokemon! I happen to have a lax and sassy diance, as well as some other older events that you don't have listed. I'm very interested in trying to make a trade sometime. Hit me up if you are interested!
    Thanks, and happy hunting!
    hey there kevin, i noticed your back, congrats, did you recover one or both of your games? i happened to hatch 2 shiny mudkips:
    adamant, Damp(HA) W/ ice ball, avalanche, curse & yawn, 03/31/31/21/31/31 & 31/31/10/31/31/31

    ive only traded the 4IV so far since i dont want my 5iv in circulation, but i figure you wouldnt trade the 5IV if i did trade it to you, anyway i am interested in the yellow flabebe since its the only one im missing
    this is very overdue but I wanted to thank you for letting me know about the HA cyndaquils. I really appreciate it!
    Interested in your vivillons, patters Elegant, river, marine and tundra

    I have

    Shiny Vivillon 31/x/31/31/31/31 monsoon, Savannah, icy, arch, high plains, Garden, Continental, polar

    Shiny Scatterbug 31/xx/31/31/31/31 Jungle, Sun, sandstorm and Ocean

    to offer you
    Hello i am interested in:
    helioptile timid solar power 31/31/31/31/31/31 pound,tail whip
    poochyena adamant rattled 31/31/31/x/31/31 tackle,bite,oder sleuth,fire fang
    amaura modest refrigerate 31/31/31/31/31/31 growl,powder snow
    duskull careful levitate 31/31/31/31/31/31 leer,night shade,pain split
    Vivillon(icy snow) timid compound eyes 31/x/31/31/31/31 tackle,string shot,stun spore,protect

    Here is a list of my gen 6 shinies:
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