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  • Can offer the PGL Darmanitan when released. Will be English with proof if you're interested
    ENG tag would be good, thanks! I can trade for the next couple hours, or again later this evening
    Just got the Garchomp code and about to record the redemption proof. Let me know if you're free tomorrow at all to trade (and I'll send the video proof for Mewtwo and Garchomp in a PM then)
    I have Mewtwo ready and with proof, I'll let you know when Garchomp is ready then after the code comes out in a week or so
    Would I be able to get these two in exchange? Preferably either ENG or JP
    election poll greninja(そうせんきょ/00720)
    pc skytree town rayquaza(ポケセン/07066)
    Hey Kevin, I can offer a Pokemon Play shiny Mewtwo and (when the code comes out) Cynthia's Garchomp, both English with redemption proof. Let me know if you're interested!
    What site has all of those event hack dates? And also is the event vgc machamp 3+ivs or is it the first one to have a guaranteed 6iv? (I doubt the second)
    Hi, do you have a current wants list?

    "have acquired legit 2015 tanabata jirachi with ot ひこぼし have proof" -- This Pokémon listed here is basically the only event I'm looking for at the moment, and am willing to go the extra mile to acquire something off of your needs list if need be.

    If I have something that you desire, I'll have to get it checked by DANNYB01 just to reinforce its authenticity, as I sadly lack video proof for obtaining events that I haven't traded off yet. If necessary, I am willing to trade my self-obtained events to you uncloned (as most of them are).
    Sucks how its account based and not set for a few games and then gives you a second set of stuff, I understand you wouldn't trade the uncloned ones, just didn't know if any have been traded around at all since no one posts about em
    I hear ya, meant hoopa for the ivs I got with it not for nature, knew you had a full nature mac set, its like 80% of us traders / collectors either dropped off the game cause no one trades, or the game was a let down not a refresh, I still have all my stuff, even have 2-3 of the dialga palkia giratina shiny events on gen5 I need to pick up still, I take it no one has the shiny xerneas, yveltal and diancie except those snobs?
    I forgot to take pictures when I went to get the us Hoopa but if it interests you I just reset for mine and got 27/31/31/31/31/30 HP Ice

    First time I've actually played this game for more than 2 minutes since January
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