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  • Thanks for the heads up! Didn't know when Diancie would be distributed. Saw someone asking for one and did the same...
    Tip, next time you tell people 6th gen events are hacks, there are some people who actually SR'ed for one (i believe it was user Chesty on smogon who got a jolly 6IV rayquaza from the SG summer event).

    Sorry if i sounded a bit rude but there are people crazy enough to do it (i own a legit 31/31/31/31/30/31 naive diancie for example)
    If I remember correctly, Ginji does, but he needs his cloned before he can trade it. I've had a pending agreement for some time, but he's been unable to clone this whole time.
    Would you know anyone in possession of such a Victini? If you do, I'd greatly appreciate if you'd be able to direct me to them.
    I see. Odds are that it'll be a Jolly or a Naïve nature. Those are the only two variants that I know of that have been successfully RNG'd.
    I see. Would you happen to have an RNG'd variant of the Happy Christmas Victini available, though? It's been literally the only event I'm looking for since January.

    I don't have much in terms of 6th Gen events, but I'll do what I can.
    Hi Kevin, are you still collecting different natures of the Happy Christmas Victini?

    I have a Sassy one, and am looking to trade it for one of the RNG'd variants that are floating around out there, if you have any.
    Hi, you seem pretty knowledgeable about past Gen events so would you mind answering a quick noob question? ^^ I've been getting conflicting answers from various people about whether a legit 12160 Beast Trio is tradable over wifi or not.
    wow, i didnt know, i am new on this. This is my first game that i play online, so i wanst warned.
    If you say that are edited i belive it, it sounded a little too good to be true. What r powersave?
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