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  • Darn. :p

    I know there was that 100% legit shiny Mew that DannyB01 gave me, but that's literally the closest I've personally come to getting something of that sort, outside of that code.

    I don't particularity have any sort of concrete wants list. Is there anything of note in your collection that you believe would be a reasonable exchange?
    Yeah, I've been looking for something as close to both very rare and unique as possible. You know of anything like that?
    Yeah, I needed an extra copy for when I start building a collection again. (My main games are still in Texas.)
    Hey, I've got a unique code for obtaining any of the Sinnoh DW starters for the 5th gen games. Is that of any value?
    Thanks, i posted that at work and wasn't really paying attention, but that offer stands for anyone who is willing to trade.
    Thank you very much! I am so happy! Thank you! :D

    Am I allowed to ask you again, if I need another Pokémon's stats? :)
    How do you get so many events? ^^
    Hello Kevin24,

    sorry for disturbing you. I have found your event shop looking pretty good.
    I have also seen this Pichu:

    03050 FRÜ2010 WiFi Pichu (Shiny) 3-5-2010 Germany Jolly Loves to eat HP 61

    Are you able to give me the stats of this Pichu? This would be very nice. It looks pretty strong, so I would like to compare
    it with my Pichu. I like comparing pokémon. Sorry again, for disturbing you.

    I'll need a little more info on it. Can you actually get to the post editing page properly? Do the posting options (like adding an image or using a bold font) show up when editing your post? Or can you do those properly but it just doesn't save them when you're done?
    Ah okay. I know. That's why I told him he would need to change the Tornadus form in order to trade.
    indeed, thank you for the info, if u find any that arent among the most circulated (adamant, modest, timid) id ask if u would please let me or dizzycobramew know, we are trying for the nature set
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