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  • I found out, yes. I wasn't aware until someone else told me. ****. i'm releasing him as soon as possible.
    I have been told. Thank you. I'll edit the post so I wont need anyone to tell me again.
    Lol the first one I got has adamant nature but 31/31/22/31/25/0 IVs. While I'm not doing perfect IV SR this is not something I'd offer you unless you really want it.
    Great, I'll start right away. Could I have the hasty one and do you want the Tyrunt as well? Thanks for the information, too bad it doesn't exist.
    Would you trade one of your new Korean Keldeos for an uncloned Desert City Arceus? (not shiny unfortunately, I only have the shiny you already have)
    I have already entered the code but not picked it up yet so you could chose the nature. It will be Japanese and hold a steel plate. I could also add a clone of the PGL Tyrunt I got from taking part in the tournament if you like:
    PGL Tyrunt (GER) / 01235 / 02/23/2015 / Adamant / Somewhat vain

    I'm also looking for a list with the SID of old events for hack checking purposes, do you know if there's something like that?
    Thanks for the heads up! People can be so scary. Are you trading my Arceus? Do you need photos? I took some. I didn't get one of when I received the event though, just the wc and that it's my bday in the game.
    I was gonna tell you Flareblitz13 from gamefaq found something you might like but looks like you already got it! You're super fast and persistent as usual!
    Korean shaymin for Korean Arceus, good?

    Can you hack check very new events like the Desert city Arceus? I might get a shiny one over the weekend and wanted to check since there seem to be a number of them going around the internet. I already got a genned one but it's gonna go in my NFT list. It's pretty accurate though. lol.
    I feel like punching a wall! I'm angry! Haha. But I got a KOR, met date 5/13/2015. Haven't traded it to my AS game so I don't know the nature/characteristic yet. I'm going to bed now though. I am way too angry over this. Probably because I stayed up for it. What a letdown.
    Bad news, it can't be soft reset to be shiny. What you get when you put the code in is what you'll get. THAT SUCKS. Sorry to get your hopes up. I feel so cheated from that shiny announcement.
    Anyone of those are a-ok then. Just started replaying in korean. I haven't even gotten to Wally yet! Damn him. I need him for PSS.
    Just a bunch of varied Shaymin events.
    Film11 in GER
    Movie11 in ITA, GER, FRE
    Oak's Letter Shaymin in different legit DPP balls (Premier, repeat, timer, nest, net, dive, luxury, quick, dusk)
    Poke Scrap Shaymin in ENG, SPA, ITA, FRE, GER, KOR

    Srry I just copied and paste. If you don't have those, it's whatever goes.
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