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  • No one's ever on the old ones. If you wanna find people you know, you have to add them as friends.

    Well I'm fairly certain you ended up finishing it. At least, you better have! >:C Oh yeah, my friends have been telling me it's so much more warmer than usual lately and they can't take it. I ask them for the temp and it's average temp for Cali so I kinda just chuckle. Though I'd die out there from the cold.

    Only three weeks at least, come to think of it, in about 3 weeks I'll be starting college >.<
    I'm one of the very few still around. The others either are completely gone or I have on Skype, or they're on Smogon. Every now and then I still check around for signs of life from certain people. Ew, exams are icky, hope you get through em just fine! I'm still not in school again after graduating last June e.e I'm trying to find some schools to apply to, but I'm also really lazy >_>
    I'm great actually :3 I'm really glad to see you again, when I saw you VM'd back I spammed a friend in joy lol. How're you?
    Noooo... Get a PS3 so we can play together xD. To be quite honest, and this may sound the wrong, I don't really know what to get not because I have many options but I don't seem to "need" or really, really want anything as of now. Seriously though, get a PS3 because otherwise you'd have to pay to play online which is the main advantage or attraction of the two consoles.
    Is ok. I've only played Call of Duty lately. Both Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2. Those are great games. Anything out of the usual for you?
    I'm ok. In real life I mean. School is bothersome but nothing out of the ordinary and I still play football regularly. So yeah, everything is ok. Forumwise, though, isn't so good. There's no good moderation on CRMT, at least not constantly. Intelligence seems to be scared by some (a lot) of users in CRMT. The usual.

    After a succession of events including having no internet for quite a while, led me to completely forget about Pokemon and Serebii. But, after 23 days of being away, a friend of mine, AquaMilotic, sent me an e-mail telling me I had to come back and stuff like that. Now I'm back.
    keykeeper what hapend to the tourny?
    i wasnt on for the last few days cause the wifi was cut and we had to pay it!
    so when am i going to battle?
    Hey key I saw that you were online and I just wanted to knowif you wanted to do our rivalry battle?

    On wifi because I don't have shoddy ATM X)
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