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  • Ok thanks well he's a 15 year old male roughly 5'8" and 120 pounds he's kinda lanky chesnut colored hair with forest green eyes. His clothes the best way to describe them is that they look like this
    Hey Keyo could I get you to make me a image of my character for my story? A little bird named Glover told me you were good at such things.
    Yep and for some reason my team was so slow when I looked at there stats the lowest one was lucario and his speed stat was 98.
    A powerfully built Aerodactyl banked over Lavendar Town in a wide sweep, scanning for his target in the rapidly fading evening sun. After a few moments, he spotted the bented roof of his prey--an old hospital building-- and after calling out his presence, made a rapid decent towards the old emergency room entrance and the wide overhanging porch roof.

    It was at that moment, Dr.Dote stepped out of the building to see what was making all that noise. The latter pointed into the sky, and the two dashed immiediately back inside to avoid a pair of clawed talons bursting from the overcast. The ancient dragon came to ground not with the plunging ferocity of a striking predator, but with a much softer, controled landing of a helicopter setting down to discharge a patient. He sighed and held his head, once more ashamed of the reputation of his species, and then with am unheard of delicacy, he rapped gently on the front door.

    Annie stepped out of the building, flanked by the gym leader's signature Pokemon for protection, and found this new arrival working at a small cloth mailbag, not unlike those used bby mail trains or the Pony Express in therir rapid handoffs, with his razor shrp fangs and the fingerlets on his wings. It was clipped to a leather riding harness, obviosly both well made and well used, wearing its battlescars as elegantly as a warplane after combat. By the time Keyo approached, The Aerodactyl had undone the clips without so much as puncturing the sack, and extended it with his mouth to Keyo's hands.

    (Continued below)
    With the pouch delivered, Aerodactyl stepped out into the old parking lot so as to flap his wings for take off without disrupting the gym leader. He climbed and circled into the clouds until he caught an eastbound thermal and rode it all the way back to his home in the Orre region.

    Annie untied the cloth knot of the bag. It jingled with little metallic tinkling. She pulled out one of the cloth wrapped syringe shaped objects, its aquamarine and tinted jade artifical jewels shining the lights off the building's exterior. The next obbject she ulled out was a stiff, folded card.

    "Here you are, the first batch of cast gym badges per your request. This is the badge's url, if you hand it out please have your gym victor put
    Hey, I figured I'd start a gym challenge of my own and heard that you were really consistent about battles. Mind taking me on for your badge?
    Thanks for letting me have that rematch so soon (and for coming back in the room). So we have now won at eachother's gym. By the way, your's is pretty darn good. I officially despise Drapion. Well, I did when that E4 bug guy in Sinnoh had one, but your's was more annoying with Earthquake.
    Hey. I'm about to have to eat, so can we push it back 30 minutes to an hour? Also, what rules are we going by? If it's ok, can we take your view on everything EXCEPT on Ubers? If not then I won't have a full team. If you want we can do it like your view on shinies, one per team.
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