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  • That's actually the criteria of something that I read up on from Skyrim. Witchhunters, or something like that, are those who "push against logic and truth until what they want gives in to become naturally possible". Basically, they work to change the laws of nature/physics. Many of them are seen as crazy, yet they are the wisest of their people in reality.
    From time to time. When one becomes crazy from stress, you become the crazy to their crazy, which is sane. That way, the balance is kept, as I usually perform. Crazy people may be crazy, but crazy people don't know that they are crazy.

    I know that I am crazy, therefor I am not crazy. Isn't that crazy?
    Eh, people have their own perspectives about the idea of maturity. Not to worry about it is true maturity to me.

    "I'm glad we had a revolution!" -Agent Booth
    Well, we just had a haunted house fundraiser this past weekend. Because we took apart several dolls, I got a pair of arms from one of them. I used them today for a variety of things, including freaking people out from behind, getting people to uncontrollably laugh, and even put them in the side of my backpack and leave it outside the door of our school to make it look like a mutant of sorts. Someone even took a picture of it when they passed by.

    Is that just how you spell "behavior" in Canada, kinda like "grey"?
    In a nutshell, yes. But you still have to work with it nonstop, so you are technically the one who runs the course. It just...forms after so long into what it will ultimately become.

    I don't feel like it. I have always had this level of maturity to worry about, both in and out of my head.
    Well, the project itself takes longer than anticipated. In my case, it's been over a year now, and with my final birthday as a non-adult coming up, I need to finish this pronto. Each step of the project's process lingers for some time before it's really accomplished, so it's just the idea of sticking to it for as long as it takes to get done.

    You don't plan to do it long term. It does.
    You do that. I want to hear.

    I'm actually getting ready to put my eagle project up. It's been a year or more, and with this weekend, I should have it finally complete. That is, except for the paperwork.
    Yourself! I mean, I always wish to share my own accomplishments, and I think you should do the same for the same reason. It helps you to feel better about your own work, especially if you get constructive compliments back.
    Well, that was unfortunate. It seems that everyone has lost five days worth of posting wherever and whenever.

    We chatted about how you should be telling me of your accomplishments as I do to you so I can support you in return. Also, I won the debate, and you were just about to tell me some great things :p
    Yes, after school with a six-inch sub from Subway. I had pre-ordered it before school got out last year, and was waiting ever since.

    It's probably worth it. You know how well Brawl stood up for the years to come, so this game has an excessively high replay value every now and then. It's most likely because I'm just one of those fans, but I much enjoy the latest installation of the series.
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