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  • True, actions speak louder than words. Stories, though, still remind you of how you have been of use to others, or have been significant in your own perspective.
    There you go again! You are complimenting me, yet I cannot constructively reply because I have little to nothing to go off of!

    You think that I don't worry about that? I have to concentrate that balance when I go to show people. Heck, I even plan some of it, deciding to show this to that person, vice-versa, etc.
    Well, one, not much that I have been discussing in self-escalating intention has been of relation to anything at hand, and two, you probably need it more than I do, seeing as though I already have had my fill.

    It's always healthy to sometimes let people know that you have been doing things of importance to you or them, whether or not you know it. It gives you motivation to pursue such intents because it gives you the understanding that others are acknowledging, impressed by, and caring about your work.
    Real wrestling is the one where guys where helmets and leotards, whereas fake wrestling has massive beefy guys wearing stupid costumes doing ridiculous fake punches and 'hitting' each other with chairs in a ring surrounded by dumb rednecks
    Aww it's so cool to see someone on the forums who also knows about Myers-Briggs! Good luck to your freshman year, don't be like me and procrastinate. ;)
    Yeah we do, the indoor cricket team are state champs. I've played in both the outdoor and indoor soccer teams. But we don't have an all-year round league like you guys do.
    Tell me about it. I am always ecstatic to show off some things from school, including my college essay. Rather than an actual essay, I retold a story about something in order to make it stand out, and my teacher's exact words were, "I am at a loss of words." We'll have to wait for the lady from the college fair come in to determine whether or not it would be best to leave it as such or change it, but she was really happy with it. (There's my brag for the day.)

    Trust me, it's not easy. You need to make a balance between work and pleasures (in a clean sense). For example, to get my reading done for Henrietta Lacks this evening (4 chapters), I periodically stopped to play the Smash Bros Demo, just one round at a time, in order to not go crazy. That, and other things you come up with, make it more tolerable in the long run to get things done.
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