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  • Your really STILL on!!! That's 5 and a falf hours!!! You my sir are offecially a PokeManiac! I'm so proud!
    I may sound weird saying this, but it is as if you are a whole different perison online!

    Anyway, I have a question. Will you be keeping some good pokemon on emeruld for the BF (Battle Fronteer)? If so, is there any pokemon you would need help getting (Like an Aerodactyl and the rest of the fossil gang)?

    Also, my little bro is on SSBB if you want to battle him (He is getting pretty good!)

    See ya later!
    How long have you been on!?!

    I started a whismer hunt of emeruld a bit ago. I am at 44 RE (Random Encounters)

    Best of luck to your Aerodactyl hunt.
    I have a spare old amber if you have access to wifi i can give you it to SR? They are quite rare in the underground, i have only obtained three in my whole time of playing platinum and diamond.

    I don't require anything special in return.
    No, you don't understand what I am saying. It's a huge waste of time to gather thousands of fossils to find a shiny. It's quicker to just get 5 and SR. And why do some people reply on their own profile page?
    It takes a lot to get a shiny. I would keep any Aerodactyls, being me, release what I already have, and try again.
    Why do you need thousands of fossils? You can only have 5 revived ones in your party at a time. It would be much quicker to just get 5, revive them all, then SR.
    What is your friend code. Put it/them in your siggy (Signiture)

    Also, are you going to start up a trade shop?

    Now do the fallowing...

    Click on my name
    go to my profile (Looks like this page)
    send me a visitor message (This)
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