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  • Hello!

    I see you like multi battles :p

    Have a small multi group going. Your more then welcome to join us :)
    I can set them into my French Y version for a french pokemon if you want? Because I am breeding in my English Omega Ruby ^_^
    lol both your Pokemon took a good amount of hits though! That Azumarill is scary. Afterwards one of the guys we battled with tried to ask me to trade my team to him for "dex completion" though. Kinda sketch.
    I've added a few people on SerebiiForums who are willing to battle (off the top of my head Creyk and Shiny Haxorus). The rest of my 95ish FCs are pretty much inactive so I gotta get rid of some. They do have great Friend Safaris though...
    lol sorry for the bad matches. I was going for an all-support team for Multi battles, and apparently Rage Powder doesn't redirect Spore! This is why I'm a breeder, not a battler :) Apparently you can play with XY ppl too, just not with ORAS megas.
    I was just irritated with whoever I was partnered with. They weren't that good and it annoyed me. Coupled with woman issues doesn't make me very nice. -_-;
    Hey, man! I'm always battling, I have just recently got my capture card. I was not in a very good mood the other day, though(woman problems), so sorry if I came off sorta angry or mean over the PSS.

    So with my new capture card, I am starting Pokemon streaming on Twitch.tv, in the case you want to come in and chat and get in on some multi battles, here it is!


    I have been working stupid mandatory Overtime for the past 3 months, though and will only be able to stream during the night!
    Are you still looking for the Leftovers? I really wanted a Mewtwonite Y! :D

    Thanks in advance.
    My internet stopped working and still wasn't working this morning... :(
    Hopefully it doesn't last long and doesn't keep doing that.
    Liquidus doesn't have a Serebii account, but I can try to get him to make one. It's a lot easier to find matches this way instead of using Facebook or Reddit like we've been doing.
    I have a new trick room user... a Magic Bounce Xatu! He'll be a temporary replacement for Reunuclus, so I can figure out if it's a better option. I like Reuniclus, especially with the Life Orb that doesn't hurt me, but I also feel like a lot of fast pokemon try to taunt/put Reuniclus to sleep too often, so Magic Bounce will be able to counter that one XD. I will save Reuniclus for other battles though :)
    Haha, I feel kinda bad. She renamed her Talonflame to an explicitive X_X
    Also, Idk if you noticed, but I renamed all my Trick Room users + Swellow to have names of Punk bands XD
    That is why you carry more than one user of trick room :p I didn't even use any TR users in that battle! Like a doofus
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