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  • Oh you have? But I thought you said you didn't. :S Oh well.

    Well, as I said 576(now 577) and you can skip the filler arcs and filler specials.

    You know Eternal Darkness(formerly King World)? I got him into watching it and he did it in no time, but he probably has more free time.

    Sure. If I watched other animes, I wouldn't watch other shows.

    I'll list the shows that I currently watch.

    The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Glee, Modern Family, New Girl, Two and a Half Men, Dexter, Burn Notice, Supernatural and I usually watch How I Met Your Mother, but every year I like to wait to get it on DVD in Australia and Season 7 comes out in March, even though it usually comes out in December or November so that I can get it for Christmas.
    Well then, that's okay.

    ...say what?

    I thought anyone who likes anime like Pokemon and/or Naruto has heard of One Piece?

    One Piece, Naruto and Bleach are called the big 3 when it comes to anime and manga.

    Yeah, I think it's one of the greatest anime/manga's out there. Has lots of action, comedy, sadness, heart warming moments and fan service.

    It's 576 episodes in, with some filler arcs and several filler episodes overall and such, but everyone who I know who has heard of it, likes it. You should definitely watch it.
    Aaw, man, sorry about that. Why'd you get laid off? And thanks.

    I heard SAO(Sword Art Online is a good anime) even though it might finish soon.

    Do you watch One Piece?
    Didn't get into the course, so I'll just look for a job. Probably something in retail.

    I'm curious. What's your opinion of the anime lately and do you watch any other anime?
    That's good. I'm planning on getting those two games for Christmas. Someone from my school on Facebook said that he's not getting it, because it's basically like Modern Warfare, with all the futuristic stuff, but I still want to get it, even though I sort of agree.

    I just watch One Piece when I can and I'm currently trying to get into an Acting Course at a University.

    I remember when I talked to you about that girl you liked and I sort of wanted to come to you for the same problem, but I forgot. I like a girl, like REALLY like her, for the last few years. I told her after one Drama class and I gave her some songs I wrote about how I feel (rap songs, because that's what I like) and she says that she just broke up with some idiot and that she just wants to stay friends. Now I'm just trying to get over it, but it's hard. :S
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