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  • You have to post why Ash or someone should get whatever Pokémon in the Next Pokémon Thread and they have to be GOOD reasons.
    Ahh I see no problem :) well actually I think I should be the one apoligizing for being rude toward you. I want ash to get a Psychic type as well Koromori doesn't really suit him that well that's why I didn't want him get it.
    Dude can you at least try not to be so annoying your post makes me think that your some 10 year old kid shape up your post okay?
    What the hell? Why are you talking about Movie 14? Let's first get through the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Series! Jeez, man! First a thread for the Isshu League and now Movie 14? What's next? A thread about Generation VI? Be sure to read the PAD Rules.
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