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  • Hey, I saw that you voted for the Sppf awards! You didn't have a game in place, so could you vote:

    Best sppf game of the year (goes to TC): The Pokemon Royal Rumble

    If you did, myself and a lot of others would really appreciate it. Thanks!
    I should mention that I in no way meant to be in the least bit genuinely vitriolic in my comments, I simply take a disproportionate amount of joy in ruffling feathers.
    Okay, thanks KickAsh! Um you know all you have to do is manually put Cazorla and Maicon etc. on the teams right? You know that they can also put the new players on the squads for the final product but just not in the demo?
    I always liked Mantine, but it was just sort of... there most of the time. Water-types always cause me stress. There's just so MANY and they're always late and they need to have good Sp Att to use Surf and bleh. My Ampharos in my old SS file was sort of meh late game, but then it destroyed the Elite Four so I loved it. Aggron is great, it was on my old Sapphire team. One of my all time faves. You know how it was sort of implied that N released his Pokemon after battling you? You get a flashback or something and you can capture them after that. Pretty sweet.

    No exp, malheureusement. It's under frontier rules, so there'll be hax galore. I just like how there's only three battles to go through, unlike the subway/frontier, where you're dragged through seven. :c
    Haha, I don't think Mantine is a very popular Pokemon. I really just needed a Water-type for my team, so I picked him. Nice. I love Ampharos and Aggron, they're such good Pokemon. I'm actually thinking of replacing Lucario with Darmanitan now, especially after realising that you can catch N's Darumaka. I'll only have one special attacker, but oh well~ Zangoose is good too, but I think Flygon outclasses him =P Yeah, I kind of wanted to have a good balance of regions on my team, and I guess I do now. Just missing Kanto.

    I still think that being able to battle all of them will be a blast, even if the only real difference between them and normal trainers is the sprite :/ I really hope that they keep the world tournament in every game (with a few tweaks), though, it's such a good idea.
    Tbh I more than likely wouldn't have noticed it either, but I heard something about it beforehand in some review, and then it stuck out like a sore thumb, haha.

    This thing was creepy as hell though :u

    I honestly don't remember how my Politoed did, but then again I only used him a couple of times post game in Diamond, so. Poliwrath is pretty good (Chuck's Poliwrath's Subpunch will be the death of me), but Politoed seems to have better coverage. I know! I was planning on using Seismitoad, but then oh whoops it's post-game, and then I planned to use Crawdaunt but lolnope post-game too B\ I'm pretty sure that I'll be using Electivire, Serperior, Cincinno, Lucario, Flygon and Mantine. Mantine is a bit up in the air, but yeah, I'll more than likely go with that team.
    Giovanni's text is the only one that I've seen translated, but apparently Norman mentions Olivine or something, so it mightn't be all that bland. Disappointing if it is :/
    So after looking into I find that I was wrong and that you were right. I suppose that it is a rather big misconception, but never the less I retract my statements seeing as how they are wrong. I don't change my view of how this makes the Bible and the content of its text a little more unreliable in my mind, but I must apologize for the false accusation.
    I tended to stuck to the heart medal, a shield, and three to four bottles. There was something else I used to take, but I forget what it is now, haven't played in yonks. Haha, yeah, I'm like that too some of the time. It kills me when a Rupee disappears and I haven't gotten it. Their underwear fetish was hilarious, too. The massive dude who rode the boar looked pretty cool, but yeah, for the most part they were rubbish looking.

    MK7 keeps you going for ages with the online and coin collecting and what not. All Mario Karts are just generally great. Well just stuff like the browser, face raiders, and various E-shop stuff. Plus it just feels so much cooler :p

    I just remembered that I actually used a Poliwrath in Platinum (traded it over), and he was pretty swell. Still no Politoed, though. I know! I hate how they left a good few of the dex until post-game too, seems so pointless. And all the post-game 'mons are really cool ones, like Seismitoad and Crawdaunt :|
    Why don't you jut type it into the address bar? ;p Game Freak seem to love Red, so I'm not really surprised that they kept him young and ~iconic~ I suppose it was too much work to redesign forty-odd people though, and they wanted them to be recognisable. Apparently all that Giovanni says in his pre-battle talk is generic "I'm gonna win" chat. I wish they had made some reference to his, like, world domination plot.
    You never said that it was unreliable, I am. If it was compiled in the 16th century then it surely is not a reliable a book. The reason why I asked if you were a Muslim or not is because of your statement on how the Qur'an came before the Bible, usually Muslims use arguments as such in defense or as evidence, because they believe that the Bible has been tampered with and altered, thus it is inaccurate and unreliable. I just don't understand then how we have basically everybody in the academic, scholarly, and historical world saying otherwise then. I'm friends with some Muslims and have seen Muslim scholars even say that is was Niece in the 4th century. I just don't get why everyone doesn't know this then if it is so apparent. If thats what he wrote fine, but then why do scholars and historians tell us that it was in 325ce that this took place, why would they think this if the letter you speak of says otherwise. I see on there how it says also that the whole Gnostic texts thing is a sham. Really, so how come we know that there are no other surviving texts other than what we miraculously, by chance found some of them damaged and hidden, more than a thousand years later? If they were never banned/destroyed there surely would have been more surviving texts and they would have been referred to and spoken about more thru out history.
    Well if it was composed in the 16th century like you say, well then yes it is an unreliable book. And I still have to look into that site but I have a hard time believing some of the stuff that they are claiming.
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