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Last Activity:
Apr 6, 2019
Sep 20, 2011
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Kinda reminiscing

Kierzor was last seen:
Apr 6, 2019
    1. XXXMistyXXX
      it has 4 games in 1 its so cool!
    2. XXXMistyXXX
      you should buy the anotholagy it doesnt cost alot =)
    3. XXXMistyXXX
      oh cool!!! if you had ut2004 you could come join us ^^
    4. XXXMistyXXX
      im fine ^^ i'm just about to go on unreal tournament 2004 with kieran ^^
    5. XXXMistyXXX
      awww im so sorry for you =(
    6. XXXMistyXXX
      aww whats wrong , you can pm me if you want im always here for you =)
    7. XXXMistyXXX
      hey =) how are you?
    8. Victini01
      It's fine. You don't need to apologise.
    9. Ippika726
      I will, you should get some sleep as well. It's early there. Just for a little bit, you'll feel better when you wake up.
      Goodnight *hugs*.
    10. Ippika726
      Ok my friend, I'm gonna get some sleep. Where's Twilight tonight?
    11. Ippika726
      Yay! We'll always be here for you! *throws confetti around!* Haha! Sorry, that was unnecessary... but still fun! XD
    12. Ippika726
      Are you feeling ok now? It looks like everyone is very supportive of you.
    13. Ippika726
      Oh no! *hugs* no no no no. I wan't thinking about that. I'm sorry...
    14. Trainer Sora
      Trainer Sora
      Lol. xD
      Well I'm getting off for tonight. I'm trying to stay on a certain schedule, for soon I will be resuming my college studies. I have a horrible "Night Owl" tendancy. Meaning I'm mostly Nocturnal. Odd considering I love sleeping. xD

      Anyway... Oyasumi!
    15. Trainer Sora
      Trainer Sora
      If you ever go there and meet someone named Sora with a description saying " I wonder if VANILLISH is yummy? " thats yours truly.

      I also got a joke one saying " Did you know that CHANDELURE is After You? "
    16. Ippika726
      Yeah, I think it makes him look sweet though, like a little kitten kind of.
    17. Trainer Sora
      Trainer Sora
      Aye. I keep getting Picky people and Shiney Hunters.
      I don't have much of a shiney stock, but the few I have are treasured. So unless I got it easily like shiney Porygon-Z, I doubt I'll trade it. =o
      Like my shiney Axew and Deino. Gifts from an awesome friend that I'll never give away.

      Enough of that. I still got hopes for GTSN, just gotta be patient and willing to wade through the junk. =o
    18. Ippika726
      Nya! You're so kind. lol You know, I'd probably get an Abra as well. He's also super cute and turns into an awesome-sauce pokemon later on. XD
    19. Trainer Sora
      Trainer Sora
      Its okay. Maybe tomorrow or something. ^^

      I've also been doing GTSN, and frankly I'm started to get annoyed.
      People are usually one of two things:


      Shiney traders.

      I offer some great pokemon! Lvl 76 Excadrill, lvl 71 Mewtwo, 50+ Kingdra, lvl 100 Gardevoir(3rd Gen). I even offer Evo trades sometimes.

      Fortunately I found three awesome peeps on there.
      Sergio, we traded nearly ALL our boxed pokemon. Really fleshed out our Dex's.

      Chet, gave me some great pokes including Landorus and Articuno.
      The third guy I forgot his name but we did Trade Evo, even when I lacked the actual pokemon+Item. Gave me lots of new GTS options and Dex data.
    20. Ippika726
      Power House!!! Haha! You'd be able to crush me in a second. lol I haven't decided all six, but I know it would be:
      That's all I've got for now. I have a bunch that I would want, but I have to be careful on my decision. I only get 6.
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