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Last Activity:
Jun 6, 2020
May 21, 2006
Likes Received:
Aug 3, 1992 (Age: 27)
Calgary, Alberta
Housing Market Analyst

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What 'bout My Star?, 27, from Calgary, Alberta

Kikas123 was last seen:
Jun 6, 2020
    1. Wig
      maybe no one will realize that modern day shaggy memes are the equivalent of our 2007 chuck norris jokes.

      i havent gotten any more original. hope youve had a great past few years buddy :)
      1. Kikas123 likes this.
      2. Kikas123
        The worst part is that some of the younger guys in my Weiss Schwarz card gaming group don't recognize Chuck or the O.G. Vin Diesel. Meme creativity is overated tbh.
        Great hearing from you as always Wig! Hope all is well on your end!
        Aug 7, 2019
    2. keepitsimple
      Maybe the mods will approve the pending face-offs if we offer them some lavender garlic chipotle aioli
    3. keepitsimple
      i still don't even know what lavender garlic chipotle aioli is
    4. keepitsimple
    5. Lunala
      Kikas take me to Alberta, I hate it here.
    6. shy_taillow
      Hello kikas! I would like to invite you to nominate your favorite pokemon and participate in my new face-off, the Your Favorite Pokemon Face-Off. Hope to see you there!
    7. Dragalge

      I just wanna know if you finished White 2/still playing the postgame. Isn't it awesome?
    8. shy_taillow
      Hellllo, have you seen the new Alola forms? If so, what do you think?
    9. Kalosian
      Sounds hilarious. I remember those two creating new Face-Offs like crazy at one point, it was probably then.
      From my studies, I found physical geography to be more interesting than human geography but they both had their positives. Going to the Arctic Circle sounds really cool, I have always wanted to travel to the north myself to see what it's like there. Maybe in the future. Feel free to tell me everything about it once you have been there!
      Understandable. Sounds like it's the perfect job for you, makes me happy to hear.
    10. Kalosian
      Apparently there's a character limit for visitor messages, so here's the last part of my previous message.

      I agree. Wasn't around in the community much during the Gen 5 hype days though so I don't know how it was. Though from what I have found, it seemed like people in general were satisfied with Platinum & HG/SS to the point where I new generation wasn't that thrilling. I was personally not hyped for B/W as I was burnt out on Pokemon during 09-10 (the only period during the past 10 years where my interest was rather low). But it didn't matter as Gen 5 became my favorite after I had played it. As for Gen 6, I wasn't extremely hyped for X/Y as I was too busy playing B2/W2. I can agree with how Gen 3 & 6 overstayed their welcomes a bit, the gap between Gen 3 & 4 was especially large. I also find it weird how we never got "Z", it is a bit sad that Kalos didn't get to shine as brightly as most previous regions. I would personally have preferred if we had gotten "Z" instead of OR/AS. Hopefully we'll get some sort of compensation in the future.
    11. Kalosian
      Same here, I miss all these guys. Jolt/Wig was especially hilarious, he often said things that made me smile. I also remember Agent and Pure, they were the ones who were creating most of the Face-Offs IIRC and I had fun together with them.

      It varied a bit, I tried to mainly focus on physical geography but geography is a broad subject and I we studied quite a lot of different things. I also studied a little bit of linguistics one term. Oil companies? I'm not sure if there are any around where I live and I'm not sure if that's what I want to work for either. I did a little bit of GIS stuff but it wasn't much, wish I had done more of it as I heard it is really useful to know.
      I see. Whenever I studied economics at school, I always found it boring. Maybe it is more intereresting in practice. Or maybe it just isn't my thing.
      I understand. I have heard that Japan is extreme with the heat during the summer. The snow staying for too long is understandable too, but I'd rather take that than none or not enough snow which is what I have sadly gotten used to for the past few years. I'll think about those cities if I should ever go to Canada.
      And yes, I'm from Scandinavia, I'm surprised you remember that.
    12. Dragalge
      Slight correction on my previous VM: I just meant the Pokemon in the regional Pokedex but everything should please you! And there are some legendary Pokemon you can find too!
    13. Dragalge
      I'd say higher than Emerald's postgame (since the Battle Frontier is 90% of the beef in Emerald's postgame) and the same, if not higher, than Platinum's. There's the PWT which allows you to fight the gym leaders and champions from Unova and the other regions, the White Treehollow which is perhaps one of the greatest spots for exp (and beating the entire thing nets you a very cool surprise), seeing all the non-event region Pokedex Pokemon gets you a ticket to somewhere where you encounter something nice, and more!

      Oh and the champion is waay better than Diantha.
    14. Kalosian
      I agree. We were having fun with a (then, Pokemon-only) kind of forum game together with others and I have many fond memories from that time. I think we were all crazy in our own unique way, which made it even more interesting.

      Thanks. I studied global future (that's what the program was called, but it was essentially a somewhat glorified version of social science) at secondary school, then geography at university. The sad thing is that it doesn't feel like either of them are doing anything for me when it comes to getting a job, but maybe something I learned will come in handy somewhere.
      Sounds great. I have never been interested in economy myself but it always seemed like a branch where it is easy to get a job. Sounds like you have a pretty good job, which is great to hear!
      I don't know much about Canada but it has always seemed like a pretty great country to me. Though if the city is hot, that might be uncomfortable. It is pretty warm in my area now during the early summer as well.
      I agree. Hawaii seems like a great place to base a region on, and I like the Pokemon as well. Looking forward to more info before we get the games.
      I have been thinking the same. I remember everyone was extremely hyped for D/P 10 years ago and now we're getting hyped for Sun/Moon in a similar fashion. The times have changed... yet at the same time, many things are the same as in the past.
    15. Dragalge
      I never finished White2, should I do it?

      Pokemon Red: 10
      Pokemon Gold: 9
      Pokemon Emerald: 10
      Pokemon Leafgreen: 10
      Pokemon Platinum: 11+
      Pokemon SoulSilver: 10
      Pokemon Black: 10
      Pokemon White 2: 11
      Pokemon Y: 9-
      Pokemon AlphaSapphire: 10
      Do it! Then you'll stumble upon the amazing postgame you can't get from any Gen VI game!
    16. keepitsimple
      There's no cure for bad taste.
      I thought of this when I saw Darmanitan get chosen for Michael instead of Arcanine
    17. Kalosian
      I suppose you are right. I guess all of us from the past Face-Off squad can call ourselves acquaintances, if anything.

      As for me, it feels like I haven't done much in life. I went to school, then failed at getting a job. I haven't gotten very far in life, though it feels like it has finally been starting to move forward for the past year or so. However, I have for the most part stayed a fan of Pokemon during all these years, and I'm looking forward to Sun/Moon later this year.

      How have you been doing?

      That's right, I see GoldenHouou at times, pretty sure she was with us at a Face-Off as well once not too long ago.
    18. Kalosian
      Saying that we have known each other is a bit of an exaggeration though. I really don't know you other than that you like Charizard, Texas Rangers and you used to make jokes about Chuck Norris. But I remember you from the old days in the Face-Offs and I believe you and I are the only Face-Offers from back then who are still active here today. And now we're friends for real :P
    19. Kalosian
      Thanks for the friend request!
    20. GoldenHouou
      Oh, so you already finished your Master's too? Dang, nice. And sounds like life's been treating you pretty well too. For the wanderlust... ha, luckily a lot of my projects have gotten me to travel (to Switzerland + Italy and Russia, most notably), I don't think I could've lasted without those tbh. Game development's just as fun as it sounds. I've met some awesome people and made some small games, although I'm still working on a bigger personal project -- if I could just find the time for that |D Damn... I miss the old Face Off crew, I do. Definitely hiding that somewhere now, heh.

      I was studying in South Korea for the year, but I had a two month vacation, so I spent that traveling non-stop and went to Singapore, Taiwan and Japan (twice). I promised myself I'd only speak Japanese during the trips there and yeah, that worked out well. Didn't really have trouble understanding/being understood, even when I had to talk with the police. Or, y'know, chat with the bartender because my friend was late as **** and I had to wait for him for an hour and a half. Tokyo was awesome, yeah, but I actually prefer Osaka, sort of. It's like mini-Tokyo, but cheaper, it's close to Kyoto (which, dude, if you haven't been there, you gotta go) and the people are less shy too, got invited to a karaoke by total strangers.

      You gonna stay for longer this time around, or just visiting SPPF?
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    Aug 3, 1992 (Age: 27)
    Calgary, Alberta
    Housing Market Analyst
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