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  • Oh, so you already finished your Master's too? Dang, nice. And sounds like life's been treating you pretty well too. For the wanderlust... ha, luckily a lot of my projects have gotten me to travel (to Switzerland + Italy and Russia, most notably), I don't think I could've lasted without those tbh. Game development's just as fun as it sounds. I've met some awesome people and made some small games, although I'm still working on a bigger personal project -- if I could just find the time for that |D Damn... I miss the old Face Off crew, I do. Definitely hiding that somewhere now, heh.

    I was studying in South Korea for the year, but I had a two month vacation, so I spent that traveling non-stop and went to Singapore, Taiwan and Japan (twice). I promised myself I'd only speak Japanese during the trips there and yeah, that worked out well. Didn't really have trouble understanding/being understood, even when I had to talk with the police. Or, y'know, chat with the bartender because my friend was late as **** and I had to wait for him for an hour and a half. Tokyo was awesome, yeah, but I actually prefer Osaka, sort of. It's like mini-Tokyo, but cheaper, it's close to Kyoto (which, dude, if you haven't been there, you gotta go) and the people are less shy too, got invited to a karaoke by total strangers.

    You gonna stay for longer this time around, or just visiting SPPF?
    KIKAS. ****, sorry, I forgot to reply to this. Hope you're still around. Man, it's been ages! I'm doing good, just finished my Bachelor's too and got hired for game development stuff so that's nice. Gonna work for a year and then go for Master's (and go on another exchange while at it). Also got some goals to work abroad, because I've got the worst case of Wanderlust after being in Asia for a year and it's driving me insane, ha.
    I already have apples courtesy of a friend, but my native fruit is cherries. If you want to either give me an item or offer some Bells, I'll gladly part with a bushel of 3 cherries. My friend code is in my sig, just give me yours. Also feel free to browse the items I put up at Re-tail.
    As a result of inactivity between October 17, 2012 and the time of this message, your claim on Seaking on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    Babylon doesn't ring a bell either. Heh, guess it's because of my long absence. I do recall partaking in some debates in the debate forum way back in the day though, so it's a wonder I didn't run into him. 'Course, I didn't pay much attention to anything back then. I mean, I was a teen who thought they knew everything. I've improved since then though, now I'm an adult who knows they know everything. Ah.

    Damn, too bad. I get you though.

    Well, from what I've seen there are still pretty lulzworthy people forcing their opinion or just generally having a sucky one around. And yeah, SunnyC's posts are usually interesting. He(?)'s one of the better debaters around.
    This is true, you'd be partially alive. And yeah, can't say I've tried brains, but surely they'd get boring.
    I don't think I've ever read any of Ethan's posts. The name doesn't ring a bell at least. I remember Josh though. Everyone remembers Josh BD

    Wait, what? You have logs or pictures or something of that? I'm in the mood for some dramaz.

    I haunt the roleplaying section, mostly. Sometimes I venture into Games/Face-Offs, and I like to lurk around the Debate section for some laughs and srs bzness.
    I'm in college as well now. Second year's about to start in a few weeks. >>

    Pffft, mods. I've never really paid attention as to who was who. I know DM's a mod now and Rod used to be one before he went inactive, but that's pretty much it.

    So, where in Serebii do you lurk nowadays? You do lurk somewhere, right? We all do.
    Hah, it has! Been good like always, you? Seems like most of the people I talked to way back then are either inactive or gone >> Guess that's what I get for being away for so long. Meh.
    All paranoid that I've forgotten to reply to people, haven't gotten a VM in days. False alarm it seems
    Wow, you seem really busy. x_x Whereas all that's eating up my time are the billion papers and readings I have to do. XD
    I've been rather well, not doing a whole lot with the heat though. Battling a defective t key, meaning I have to reread everything I type XD
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