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  • Sounds like you been keeping busy. My apologies for delayed responses. I hardly show up on the forums much. Mostly cause the site takes forever to load and I just don't have the patience to sit around for a billion hours. :p
    lol alright, for the most part. 2nd year of high school, no criminal records yet, and i'm keeping my grades pretty high up. college, eh? sounds pretty nerve-racking just thinking about it.
    can you believe it's already been over 4 years since we signed up? time flies by pretty fast.
    haha. not really. i come around once every month or two. mainly just to keep my account from being deleted. though, it's nice to see the things that mattered to me 3 years ago.
    so how you been?
    You don't have to do it vectorially, there's the way we did it in Statics with lever arms etc. Evil indeed =D
    Bahaha. Some of mine I think were a bit complicated. Gives me ideas about engineering based ones XD
    Simply the Best used to have no vote restrictions. It went horribly wrong IMO. People voted five times and made a pokemon advance on their own.

    There was one occasion(I think you can still find it if you search the thread for Dusknoir) that there were more than 30 votes when a pokemon needed just 5 votes to advance. I was the one who actually decided to tally then, and I'm quite happy I did, as it’s a nice story.

    When your face-offs get accepted, tell me, alright, I'll get there as quickly as I can.(More face-offs :D)
    I did post there a little, ages ago. DM's really busy these days which I guess doesn't help Faceoffs XD
    32? That's all it gets to? Our max is... (magic of internet converters) 110F, but not too often over...100.

    Yes, the internet can be depressing these days.
    Wow, and here was I having to drive for over 8 hours to see snow. Do you like the snow, or are you a warmer weathers type?

    And asdfghjkl; why can people not read one line? I didn't think it was long enough for them to lose interest.
    Ah, I deeply apologize for the inexcusable mistake =) I watched the Montreal Comedy Festival a while back, I remember one person made the joke that Canada has two seasons, winter and July XD
    Cool =) I'm guessing you'r moving to another state or something to do that, I hear it's what Americans do.
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