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  • It was okay. I bought some birthday presents for my mom, and did a lot of schoolwork. I don't have HG and SS yet, but I hope that I'm going to get them soon.

    Anyway, here is the link to my forum.
    Well, GF's/BF's are way more important than random people on pokemon forums, lol.

    Anyway, our dutch teacher was still sick so we had a free hour the 5th hour, but they moved latin to the 5th hour so we would be free earlier. But the major part of the class (including me) skipped latin to get a free hour and to be free at 14:30. Too bad that our teacher found out XD. So I still had latin till 15:30. XP

    And I just finished the new chatbox on my forum. I'm glad that it's finally done. The old chat was worthless.
    Hey, me too. Most people of my class are out at 14:30, but I (and some others) have Latin, which also keeps me at school till 16:15 at Tuesday. And two people in my class have just proved that it is possible to screw up worser than I did. They got a 5.

    And me...... Well, I have a PSP, DS, DS Lite, Wii, GameCube, a laptop and my computer. I'm going to try to get a PS3 for my birthday. I hope my mom gives in. She's really good in giving amazing bithday presents. I'll never forget last year :D
    Lucky you. But I'm free at 12:30 tomorrow. :D My dutch teacher is sick, or something. Anyway, school especially sucks when your presentation partner screws up his part of the english presentation. We only got a 6.....

    And I play less on my DS than a few months ago. But I'm going to play more when I'll finally get Okamiden. Which other gaming consoles do you have?
    Oh, no problem at all! xD

    And yeah, I didn't think I'd enjoy Farmville when I first tried it but now I'm addicted to it and play almost everyday, me and my sad self getting addicted to every video game I lay my hands on. I'm on level twenty five right now, what about you?

    Byes. ♥
    Wowie. We sent eachother a VM at the same time. Lol. Anyway, I'm not playing much either atm. School is killing me. But I'm currently playing Dissidia Final Fantasy. I'm also going to buy Kingdom Hearts BBS when it comes out here.
    Decided to do this over VM, before Ellie infracts me again for using the newbie forum as chatbox or something like that. She doesn't like me. >_<

    I´m using serebii for years, but to lazy to make an account for the forum.. untill now hahaha!
    And Serebii is a great site to get all the newest info. I wish that my forum had a site like that. That would definitely help to get more members. XD
    Yeah, and Nintendo Benelux also hasn't confirmed anything yet. But they said that SS works fine. So even if HeartGold has bugs, it doesn't really matter. Which other games than Pokemon do you play?
    Hmm, I don't think that it's true. I checked out the FreeRecordShop and the VanLeest sites, and they both say that HG and SS will be released the 26th. There is also nothing on Serebii about it. where did you get the info?
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