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  • Yeah, cumulative. How do they expect me to remember what I learned about some obscure rebellion before winter break even? And even worse in math, I am in Honors and for math we have a standard governmental exam for the year I'm in but since I'm in Honors we did it all a full year ago! DX
    Sounds rough :(
    But you're currently a social worker right? So it may be hard work but its good work that needs to be done. :)
    My school year is coming to a close soon and I have a couple of exams. I guess its nothing compared to your job but its still pretty stressful.
    Your post in the Pokémon face off that I participate in was just what I wanted by the way :)
    I had a feeling that more people on my buddy list would find their way over, Akanjão and Aura were there for a couple of posts.
    How're you?
    Oh ok I was confused for a moment:

    I realize Skitty (or Delcatty for that matter) aren't very good Pokemon, but they are just Pokemon I like for whatever reason. Any other good Pokemon I should use in place of them? preferably ones that are available in White 2?
    You know? I never really liked the Xbox Consoles. People can call me whatever they want (aka = hater or "not real gamer, and believe me, they do... People also called me gay one time, causa i like Nintendo games) but i never really felt a need to get a Xbox console. Since the PS2 generations it has been like that, but now, the situation is worsening. Xbox fans started to curse Nintendo console (Wii U) on a Brazilian forum, right now. It's a shame.

    Indeed. Though i see Dreamcast being the crucial point on Sega's decline. It was really needed to release such a "powerful" console in that time? DC had some great games, and it is by far, one of the best consoles, but i don't understand Sega reasons... Why they'd released such a console.
    Indeed. Now Wii U and PS4 will probably sell more than XONE. Even PS4, that's not released yet, will be way more lucrative, to us, than XONE. There's a lot of criticism about XONE here in Brazil. A LOT of were waiting for this console. Micro$oft lost it the next gen.

    I like YGO series, but i have to say i preferred it before. I'm not a nostalgic fan and all, but, by golly, YGO 5D's suck badly. Not the cards in itself but the story... Western?....
    Latest years I've been buying only Nintendo consoles before any other console. Simple because i know what to expect from them, unlikely Sony and Microsoft. Sure, i like Sony, but only because Sega isn't on the picture anymore. Sega would probably be way better than Microsoft. Sadly how Sega is shame of a company. Couldn't even manage the cost spent on games and how those games would sell, and the consoles, too. Yes, I'm talking about you; Dreamcast. I love Sega and all, but she were a bit of "negligent" about those questions.
    Vita is already a dead console. Xbox One will probably be the same, or even worse, sh*t that Vita is. Vita is, now, getting a little more of attention. Really, i like Vita. I just hate that he doesn't have ANY appealing game at all. Sure, there's some games i would like to play and i would give my eye to get it, but to get the console with no expectations about any future game with some relevance, to be released outside of JP, is another totally different story. Wii U also should have any relevant game, later on, otherwise, it'll be Nintendo's next GC.

    PSP is a nice choice right now, for some games. There's a lot i like it, and i also love to emulate old consoles, so it would be a fairly good choice, for me. There's the Disgaea games and Spin-offs, my Yu-gi-oh! series whom i love, the Final Fantasies,
    Silent Hill and some more games that i can't remember right now.
    Speaking of Pewdiepie, the other day my friend friended him on Gmail and was absolutely freaking out about how amazing he is. Apparently he's hilarious, too, from what I've heard. I could care less though, like you said, all he does is scream and curse.

    I get what you mean, some of my friends are like that; if you don;t like what they like you aren't a true gamer :/
    Something that is difficult to believe is that some of the best CoD players are YouTubers and get payed to post videos and have sponsors. That and what you said, people who only play CoD and have no social life, or probably a real job.
    It's CoD BO2. I don't like the game very much, I always liked the Modern Warfare series more. Don't treat me like some random 12 year old CoD player, I'm actually pretty good, but I don't really play it much.
    I don't really care with graphics and such...i pay attention to them, though, but it's not like its the real thing of the game. Buying only because the graphics seems beautiful is unfair with a lot of good games that the media does give any attention.

    Hum, indeed. But i found 1/4 of the missions to be a bit difficult. I've remember the fight against Mydia & Chaos. But it was a pretty broke battle, actually. Bombs+Matheus FTW!

    And, yep. There's some other reasons to why i didn't liked FFTA. I don't like the idea of some Jobs beings exclusive to some "races" (is that right? I'm not sure). Chemist (my all time favorite job) being exclusive to a Moogle is unacceptable. Though, this, all alone, does not by any means makes the game bad. For me, he wasn't any appealing.

    Dissidia? Indeed. I really like it, but i wouldn't actually buy a PSP only to play him. Though PSP have some games i would love to play
    Yep. The graphics on FFXIII is beautiful and all, and the game play "seems" interesting, but, an "auto-battle" on a Final Fantasy game? Haha!! That's laughable. Though, i shouldn't criticize the game before really playing it. I've played like 25m, only, so I'm not the best one to criticize. But yes; the game does not interest me; and Lighting isn't that much of a character to receive so much attention.

    Oh, so you have played it! I liked the RW, the battle system, actually, 'cause it was pretty difficulty. The last boss, actually...i hated him.

    And, well, I'm not a fan of the FFTA series. I only enjoyed FFT and FFXII:RW. There's also Dissidia, but i haven't played as much as i would like to play it.
    Or I could try to find a used copy on eBay, though it could be in bad condition or I could get ripped off.

    That feeling when you feel the same way... There's one game I've been wanting to get for quite some time, but ever since it's release (November iirc) it hasn't dropped in price and it costs like $65. I've ben hoping to get it since my friends want to play it with me, but I guess can;t afford it atm.
    Oh, yes! Forget it, forget it! Hahahaha!!

    Ah, FFVI....It's my second favorite. But it's definitely the best one. I really liked all the background behind it! The characters, the protagonist, the OST, everything, everything. But my favorite is FFV. No real reason, because FFVI is way better, but i really love everything there. Perhaps, i like it, because it make good use of the "Jobs" and the OST is...i can't describe. I know he isn't the best, but, we don't choose who we should love, right? haha!!
    And, i really don't care about anything in FFXIII, except it's OST (Yes, I love OSTs that much). But, why Square Enix insists on Lighting saga? Wouldn't it be better to release new games? S-E have some mental issues. Because i really don't understand it.
    Also, play Revenant Wings when you can! It's a great FFXII spin-off!
    The comparison is to know if the story is "surprisingly/vicious" as the one on FFT. I remember I've loved FFT story.

    Nah, i never played the GC version. I never had a GC, actually. But, this game seems to be very good. And, c'mon, Luigi's way better than Mario! And, do you recommend it?

    Also...I've see you liked Final Fantasy Series! That's good to know! Which game have you played, so far?
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