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  • me neither considering i was only 12 in 2004 hahaha. but the internet still has all that listed. start a petition to bring it back to florida! just make sure nintendo doesnt see the florida man twitter
    actually i looked it up and back in 2004 and then again in 2008, they were in orlando. they seem to cycle among the same few cities (SF and vancouver are the only ones i saw that werent repeated at least once) so there's definitely a chance they will come back to orlando again soon. maybe that's close enough?
    however in australia they have a ton so they must be doing something right there. maybe america just has too many greedy scalpers :B

    yeah it is a little strange that it's in california again so soon. but in the years before that it was boston, DC, vancouver, and hawaii, then wayyy back in 2011 was the last time it was in calfornia in san diego. so i guess they just like to cluster it or something.
    that is very true. it would be more of something to look forward to for me though if it was available for like a few days guaranteed. instead now it's just like **** it's another thing ill have to scramble and maybe not even get

    but i decided next year i want to try and actually be good enough at pokemon to get an invite to worlds and go again, so i guess thats something to look forward to? it's in southern california next year so far enough away to feel like a vacation but close enough to be easy to get to.
    True. Excution is always key when you change a format.

    I love the memes for it, other than that it's an interesting design. I like Mimicyu's memes more.

    I'll try. Which one is the best one that you played so far? I only have access to a 3DS, so let me know. :]
    Yeeeeeeeeeees! I love Sardonyx so freaking much <3 It's funny because when she first appeared I didn't really care for her ahaha. She owns though.
    Well there you go. From the looks of it, there might be no more gyms. What do you think now? You did wanted change?

    I heard of those, just never played them. I don't want to waste money and I don't enjoy them.
    Hah. Praise be to him

    It's on gamestops website too but I might try to find it in person idk. It's not as cute though
    Oh, okay! Sometimes, memories give use the very things we cherish.

    That didn't prevent you from getting a pretty awesome screen name here though. :p
    Better take a picture of all my friends' miis dancing in a cemetery to post at the funeral
    So it's a specific group of reptiles (in this case, lizards).

    What brings you to that specific interest? I've heard of people having interests in specific species. Sometimes the species has a profound effect or interest.
    I actually wanted to tell you something that I got to do. I went to some herpetology talks (think of them as mini-Ted talks). It was in New Orleans, and one that stood out was the social behaviors of tuataras.

    I know your not necessarily big on make friend choices lightly, but through that shared interest, I would sometime like to talk to you about these type of things.
    Just Like Call of Duty games. New Maps and Guns.
    Not sure if you play the game though.

    I got to check it out.
    The only one I played so far was Hyrule Warriors. It's pretty good.
    I finally got a metroid that made it to shipping after like a year of trying and always getting canceled. Now I don't have to be jealous of yours anymore :B
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